Who here sees a therapist?

I’ve noticed that a lot of you do not see a counselor or psychologist. I see one every two weeks, sometimes once a week, sometimes once every three weeks.


I see a therapist biweekly… It’s going okay.

It’s a shame that therapy is not usually offered or pursued. Therapy should be the first intervention instead of relying on a chemical fix first. A lot of people wouldn’t even need to be on medication if they were attending therapy on a regular basis. Also, many with a psychiatric illness often have axis II and IV issues, and you certainly can’t medicate those issues. In Western Lapland (in Finland) they use a therapy first intervention, and only 35% of patients are on medications. This program is shown to be very successful and is called “Open dialogue”.


That’s very interesting.

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My therapist… once a month on good months… twice a week on bad ones.

She has helped me with gaining some coping tools to help get through the stray glitches.

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I see my therapist every week right now - I kind of like her - she is trying

I go to the psych clinic regularly as I have done so many years.

I am going to visit a therapist/psychologist on 5th January which is next Monday,this will be the first time in 2 year that I visit a psychologist,o am afraid it might be expensive but I will go once and see what is being offered and if the money is worth it?

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I see a therapist once a month at the clinic where I see a psychiatrist. It is not helpful. Whenever I try to talk about something deep, he just puts me down and changes the subject. He only likes to talk about the weather, and how my classes are going. This is a medical assistance clinic. I think you generally get what you pay for in the US. I tried going to a therapist who I would have to pay $20 per visit, and she was even worse.

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I’ve seen three therapists so far. Each one helped me to some extent, but not to a point where I can feel satisfied. I just ended my relationship with my last therapist this month. I think I can go without one for the time being, and I think it’s perfectly ok to see one again when things get tough.

my clinic requires that I see a therapist in group meetings and also for six month check ups. it’s not helpful at all. I would have to agree @CarolineC you get what you pay for.

Amazing. I’ve known for a while that many people in the US only like to make small talk, but I didn’t realize that people would have the audacity to pull that garbage when they are being PAID to discuss deep things. It seems that there is scientific work done by reputable sources online alone, on virtually any subject, so why don’t they just draw on that for deeper conversation? It isn’t like they have to get creative and risk being controversial. Sorry for rant. Struck nerve. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe if you showed him this huffington post article, he could understand that small talk does not help introverts.

‘Small talk stresses them out, while deeper conversations make them feel alive.’

Wow you guys have had terrible shrinks. Either that or they just didn’t want to help you…but that still means they’re terrible…I mean maybe they had the skills but didn’t use them for well I can think of a few reasons.

My shrink is the bomb. He’s expensive as ■■■■ but I think it’s worth it. He knows seemingly everything. He’s always quick to get to the point and fix what I am thinking incorrectly.

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Now that’s helpful for those who are having trouble deciding whether to go.

I think its a matter of cost- with therapy, we get what we pay for. I did mention that my shrink is very expensive yet very effective. This topic is rather cloudy, but I do suggest at least trying therapy- the trend I observe on this site is discomfort with therapy- the therapeutic alliance is negatively perceived, for the most part.

I am studying psychotherapy in school- it’s my thesis topic for my honors thesis, and I have been reading up on it. So far I have read a third of a book and it already speaks of how schizophrenia and therapy do not have the best relationship- however, when patients do not drop out (like they tend to), it is proven to be efficacious (better than no therapy for the patient).

I can’t just tell everyone here to spend 300$ a month on therapy, not everyone has that sort of resources.

At least I tried? LOL

I see dr McCabe every month

I see the therapist every three weeks or monthly I think. I haven’t really kept track as to exactly when I see the therapist.