How's amisulpride working for you?

I’m on clozapine and my ocd/anxiety is through the roof and I have tried everything and we can only stop ocd once clozapine is stopped or maybe reduced.

I would like to add amisulpride since its proven good for positive symptoms in studies. How is your experience with it ?

Have u tried any therapy yet for ocd. Ocd main treatment is cbt.


yes i take amissulpride too …100mg day and 100mg night…

I used to take Amisulpride (Solian), I didn’t like it, I relapsed on it on multiple occasions. I now take Clopixol and have found it a bit better. But none of these drugs are ideal, I would recommend taking a depot injection rather than oral medication, the former leads to lower relapse rates.

@pr21 what are the natural herbs juice or supplement benificial for schizophrenia …?? U can pm me…

yes i have tried CBT therapy for OCD. My ocd is so severe that it does not work. OCD is torturing me right now

My pdoc doesn’t want to talk about anything other than clozapine to the extent that I didn’t even know there were other drugs out there. I’m on amisulpride, it suits me and though I still relapse, I feel good on it most of the time. The only other drugs I’ve tried are Abilify which I had a terrible reaction to and some one’s I can’t remember when I was first diagnosed, they were no good either. The addition of sodium valproate really helped me. I can’t imagine changing meds as frequently as most of the posters on here.

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I have been on Amisulpride for two years

Lost weight, had akasthsia which is now treated and high prolactin which I am told the benefit of taking the medication outweighs the risks

I take 400mg in the morning and 400mg at night

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i’m surviving on 50mg twice a day, its pretty good but my eyes are a little tense and photosensitive which is a worry bc i am trying to ride a bike atm, its been a bit better today but i’ve been wearing a cap.

Ocd is a kind of impulsive seizure and drugs used for seizure might be helpful for ocd.

From my personal experience certain things can increase ocd which include omega 3. Omega 3 can improve cognition but due to increased cognition hard to let go obsessions and compulsion urge. So i suggest you to stop taking omega 3 to ease your mind from anxiety, ocd etc. Try not take it for 1 week and see if your ocd reducing.

I’ve taken amisulpride for seven years now and it’s an excellent med. Helped me so much especially my positive symptoms.

I’m on 200mg a day (my maintenance dose) which I increase to 300-400mg if I relapse. Over the years I’ve found 200mg is the minimum I can take to maintain my stability.

I take olanzapine and lamotrigine as well and they work with the amisulpride to help with depression

It doesnt work for everyone but I hope you find amisulpride to be good for you too.

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