How would you review/rate drugs in the -pine class

if you’ve tried any, how did they work for you? if none worked for you, what med (even outside this class) did work for you?

-Asenapine (added/edit. thanks @Pikasaur)

dosage? worsening of symptoms on any one but improvement on a different one?

Personally I have an answer/reply for this one to those interested:

loxapine: made me extremely fatigued even at very low doses, would sleep for 12 hours or more, would ‘sleep eat’, but not as much so as on olanzapine. The day after taking it I wouldn’t feel rested as I woke up a lot to eat in a confused zombie robot state. And the next day I would start looking for codes using rhymes.

olanzapine: use to be an ok med for me at 10mg PRN. but I abused Benedryl (a deleriant class drug with histamine action), and ever since my Benedryl abuse Zyprexa gives me the same uncomfortable body load that 500+ mg of Benedryl would and make me somewhat delusional and very scared by reality, as if after taking it I was an alien from a different galaxy, completely frightened by the natural way of life and people. Similar to loxapine in terms of sleep and eating. except worse, I would wake up 20+ times a night, almost in a dissociative state.

Clozapine: I’ve been on it twice, the first time for under a month, the second time it was with invega. it made me feel like I could be happy. I never thought about wanting to die. was happier. but because I theorize of having the invega shot with it, it was too much medication and I would get sleep paralysis nightly with scary hallucinations and voices.

Quetiapine: This one I’m just trying out now. again it’s with an invega shot that I’m slowly weaning off of (100mg now, next shot is 50mg, every 28 days). I take 150mg at night, so mainly being used for depression at the moment. it helps me sleep well. I wake up feeling more relaxed and calm as well as rested. though some sleep eating occurs. but not much, for example, last night I woke up and ate two apples and then went back to bed. it doesn’t make me worse at this dose. I can’t speak to its nature for psychotic or manic doses (300/450mg+),as I’ve only ever been on 150mg (depression booster dose), and it seems to help for mood quite effectively. I could see myself gaining another 10lbs on it though over a couple of moths. but that’s just speculation. not as bad as loxapine or olanzapine at all. helps negatives at this dose.

looking forward to reading what you guys have experienced.

I’m on Asenapine now, and take Quetiapine as needed.
Even 25mg of Quetiapine makes me sleepy, and I start to slur my words and move heavily. It’s great for anxiety and psychotic symptoms.

Asenapine is great. Minimal side effects, weight neutral, works wonders for my symptoms.
It makes me drowsy, but I take it before bed, so it doesn’t matter.

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Im currently taking Olanzapine, it decreases my paranoia but i’ve gained a lot of weight on it.

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They all did the same thing for me. No longer obsessively religious but still being followed and recorded

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But I’ve never taken clozapine because I’m not a good candidate for it with my health issues

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I’m on clozapine and its good


the combination of clozapine and risperdal consta has saved me for sure. I feel better than i did in long time. Things really improved a lot since being on that combo.

I wish I was never put on Olanzapine.

To say it straight. Seroquel is like magic

Ive only taken seroquil and zyprexa and only took them for maybe a month or two each before I stopped. Zyprexa was in the mid 2000s. I didn’t like feeling medicated and my symptoms were gone.