How would you react if a guy did this to you?

I was walking down the street early and some random guy ahead started walking towards me, like straight towards me. He had an angry look on his face like he wanted to kill me and I think he was trying to bash into me or elbow me but I quickly moved out of his way. Then further up the road he kept stopping and turning around to look back at me…

Seriously why do things like this keep happening to me when I go outside? :sob::sob::sob:
It just confirms my beliefs that there really are people out there who want to kill me

I would tell him to watch where he’s going, probably get him mad, fight it out, then walk away.

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Works a bit differently for girls though


Right. Exactly.

I get treated badly sometimes when I go out.
No it’s not delusional or paranoid behavior on my part.

This happens a lot when I go to my local supermarket.
The workers there can be very rude.

It happens a lot at other places too.
I get the sense that people treat me like I’m some kind of freak.
I’m awkward in public and it must show.

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When Roxanna experiences things that all delusional and needs to go 4th of hospital right riiiiiight

I’m always ready for a fight when I meet people I think are out to get me. Which happens almost every time I go out. But it’s just my paranoia. So I would probably anticipate him elbowing me and elbow him back twice as hard and see where that got me… Which is probably not a great idea. But for some reason, people outside are always nice to me. Lucky for me. I don’t really know how to fight anyway. :sweat_smile:

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The difference is frequency. I believe you that people say awful things around you. At least part of that is probably true. But the frequency at which you report people saying these things to you, directed at you, is the concerning part. Like, it’s not unlikely that your neighbors are loud assholes that scream profanities regularly. But it becomes suspicious when you report that they’re directed at you every day for months.

Does that make sense?


They were doing it everyday lol l

Maybe he was on drugs. If that’s why he was acting strange then I wouldn’t feel so bad as it would be less personal.


It’s no surprise that there are a lot of as*holes out there.


It could also be mistaken identity. Look through google images to ffind the most unique unforgettable person you can.

Second, use a picture matching search program on that picture. You are still going to get some really close matches.

As different as a face as i have from anyone else, I have seen my totally unrelated “twin”. She lives in Peurto Rico (sp??)

Many people are not aware of this way that completely unrelated people could easily switch ID cards even. (same age).

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