The sort of incidents I deal with

was it real or hallucination–I think it was real

So I went to the grocery store a group of employees was standing around the veggies where i wanted to get something. The largest male looks at me and says “white whore” I snapped back you are a white boy to him then walked away later in the store he comes towards me so I take my phone out and get ready to record whatever but he doesnt say anything but once he was a few feet away called me a terrorist.

I usually don’t respond to people but when I feel threatened I speak back. I don’t know what is the best thing to do, i am working on not returning their speech

I have actually been through that, I went to pick up a friend at a mosque and someone splashed a bucket of pigsblood on me and called me a terrorist, thing is, my friend was there for an AA meeting, and neither of us is muslim, I told the idiot that and he didn’t believe me.

Was also called a man whore once, by a guy dressed like a teenage girl, ripped up jeans (obviously a womans as they had no back pockets) and a BLOUSE that he called a t shirt…I replied “I can count the women ive had sex with on one hand…how about you? How many time you been the pin cushion?”

Kina mean on my part but he deserved it.

Yes people are getting so scary and confrontational these days. I went and just got my hair cut really short so maybe next time I go there he won’t recognize me and won’t start with me.
I am American but I have some Arab heritage -maybe 1/4 or 3/8s not sure because I was adopted and my birth father died soon after he told me about himself. thing is I feel a lot of hostility as I never know if its something I am doing or my ethnicity. thanks for your reply

I find people like that just get repressed feelings and take it out on others.

One time I was walking down the road with no shirt just to get a tan and these guys drive by me and say "put a shirt on faot" so I call him a b**** and keep on walking. He stops his car and tries to fight me. So I just walk past him as he tries to trigger a response from me and even jumps like he is gonna punch me. Then his friend opens the door and says if there is a problem so I tell him to get his and his friends a$$ in the car and leave. They eventually call me a b*** and leave as they give me the finger. So I shrug it off and keep walking. They eventually come back and I get picked up by my Dad who happens to be coming home from work at the same time.

The thing I noticed is the more I fed into it, the more aggressive they got. Moral of the story is to let out your anger around people you trust won’t let you go too far, unlike these guys who will kick your ass just because they feel like it.

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The best response to situations like that is to not respond at all. Very disappointing to someone who wants to pick a fight is to get nothing for his efforts…
Just once, somebody whistled at me while I was on a walk. That’s different. I was a little thrilled.

I think if you let them take their aggression out on you a little bit they can be neutralized easier, instead of just ignoring them like they aren’t human. People do that to me and I’m very messed up about it. It doesn’t take the feelings away, instead they just grow in intensity and out of control.

If I were to be threatened like I said before, each time I see those people I can say the same thing to them, eventually someone is gonna feel ashamed.

That’s vile. People who do that deserve deportation, too.

well over 98 percent of the time I ignore and walk away. sometimes though a person just gets sick of it and feels like they have to stand up for them selves. i think i look like an easy target for bullies. I am over 50 yrs old . But really it can be dangerous to say anything back. But I admit my temper speaks up for me sometimes.

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