How would you describe sz to a person that doesnt know what is mental illness?

I told my socialworker i have sz. And then i said…its when you dont see reality correctly.

I’d describe it as your mind attacking itself

i was that person
i didnt think mind control exist
suddenly i become totally destroyed by mind control and schizophrenia
now i take antipsychotics and try to heal eight years so far
thinking more aggressively that people control my thoughts
with no hope

Sz is when you believe things that are not real,
and when you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste things that are not real,
and when you can’t get yourself to do things that others are able to do.
Sza is all of the above, plus
you experience periods of intense sadness
alternating with periods of intense happiness or irritability resulting in extremely poor judgement.

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“I experience things that aren’t real, and things that seem minor and easy for others may be hard for me.”


Sz is when you are not alone in your head - there’s others there too messing around.

This is not the case with everyone.

I wouldn’t…

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I don’t even try these days. I say I’m schizophrenic. If they question me I try to add some reality but most people just don’t care or understand.

I’ve had people tell me. " Your not schizophrenic" because I act good most of the time. Like it drives me to distraction because it’s anything but that and I don’t work for a living! Honestly!

You approach it slowly and you look out for yourself. If that person is at a work job I’d say no. Don’t reveal a thing! You can always say you have a rare biological disorder. ( Yes I’ve done that before for some street cred! ) . It’s not dishonest but it’s real in it’s way!


I said i have sz on a first date. He was very supprised cause i also look like a regular person.

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