How well you read other people’s body language


Sometimes I guess and act on that decision


I have horrible intuition and I can’t read people at all. I’ve learned to not trust my intuition when it comes to what I think people are thinking. Or I just ask them directly.


People talk about reading body language but the issue really flummoxes me. Certainly when I’m with someone I’m not consciously saying ‘Read their body language’. To be honest I wouldn’t know what to look out for to say ’ What is what’
Probably based on the above my ability to read it is poor.


I don’t read in a way that it’s written in books like reading in clusters . I read naturaly , I watch their face their mood maybe it isn’t the body language idk


I assume aggression and negativity so I have to be careful. I really study other people’s expressions and I do think I’m pretty good at reading them. I just have to take the time to adjust if necessary.


In schizophrenia body language means a whole different thing to the normal and usual he likes me he doesn’t like me she likes me she doesn’t like me she’s thinking about her boyfriend…

Body language is whole sentences gestures that mean nothing to anyone apart from you an entire language and it’s telepathy basically

I genuinely believe this is severe schizophrenia manifestation my sister had it before she died
She had unremitting schizophrenia for 12 years and I did not understand till it happened to me after she died
it was not my usual for the first 10 or 12 years… I got a lot worse and then this started happening


I read facial expressions, but I’m not too good at body language.


I dont know about reading other peoples body language but im reading my own body language all the time. Its the only way i can distinguish my feelings. Cause i have problems feeling my feelings.


very poorly tbh


I think I am excellent at reading body language. I had a therapist that used to work with me for years on getting better at it because I used to be so terrible.


There are so many variables that I don’t even try to.


i can read body language, like if a woman gets naked and grinds against a pole i can infer she wants my money.


I’m a master at reading body language because of my abuse


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