How was your life before so?

Actually I always had bipolar symptoms also.
Became psychotic when manic, and I was in a manic state a lot, even as a kid.

Also I become psychotic during a mixed episode.

Before schizophrenia I wasn’t particularly successful. I had never had a job and indeed only had my first job after my diagnosis. It was a short term contract supported by the European Union social development fund, so only lasted a few months. I want to become an entrepreneur — to set up my own business and to provide myself with a better quality of life. There are plenty of online courses I can take to improve myself and these weren’t available just a few years ago.

My life is better. Before psychosis I was 21 and doing drugs and hanging out with gangsters but it got worse and now I have real friends and I’m good and nice but I miss having a clear head and would love to not have to take meds but it’s not that bad and I just can’t function without them

I’ve never had psychosis but before getting sick I was very good in school and videogames, I was able to study 12 hours a day.
Also I had many friends online to play with and was very good in conversations.


Before psychosis, my life was horrible. I was getting abused all the time and got bullied. I was harrassed at home. Life was horrible before psychosis and no child should go through what I went through.

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Your childhood sounds like mine. Sorry you were in the same boat.

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i had a great upbringing and before i got psychosis i was a bit of a party animal.

It was shocking. My life between 11 and 17 was absolute hell.

My hometown was full of drugs, and I was exploited really badly.

The first psychosis started about 16, and by time I was 17 I was in adult mental health, as here the child & adolescent mental health services didn’t deal with psychosis

The life I have now is far, far better than when I was growing up.

It does fill me with warranted paranoia about other people, but apart from that life is great off drugs and trying my best to look after myself and help my family where I can.

This illness is just a further complication, but it’s by no means a death sentence.


Before schizophrenia I was schizoid and before that I don’t remember anything that is my life

I was very career oriented. Now I’m on disability. Not so much anymore.

I lived a normal life before sz. My life kind of sucks now compared to living a normal life but I try to stay happy for the small things

I was very unhappy at school.
I took a few drugs for a year or so which started out fun then got schizophrenia
It all felt like a natural progression
I never could imagine much of a future
I could study before schizophrenia
Since then I’ve completed some stupidly ambitious first year and attempts to succeed above and beyond my diagnosis which was dangerous as hell I kept on ending up back in hospital with schizophrenia from stress
Very high achievers my father and a sister… I was expected to do well academically
After that I spent a year in hospital about age 30
Then I met my husband and it’s 14 years later and I’ve been fine since this med, relaxing a bit and the right meds

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I had everything a young adult wanted: Job, going to school, girlfriend, social life, even successful relationships with all my friends, a car. I enjoyed it and still look forward to finding a job and stuff, I loved buying stuff when I was working. Bu yeah now life for me is spent being alone most of the time, everyone in my old school thinks I went insane, which to some extent is true… Most of my relationships have faded away, I only consider a couple of people real good friends. But yeah I don’t mind it.

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Made very little money and was in a dead end job and stressing all the time. Got schizophrenia and it motivated me to do better and prove to everyone I could succeed. Since schizophrenia bought a apartment hot new job and paid 50percent of mortgage in 3 years. Got promoted and Ace my performance reviews. Current goals are losing weight and stopping smoking but taking it slowly life has been better since got schizophrenia and found God


Honestly my life before sz was hell. No one deserves to be abused as a kid.
I would pick my days of sz over my abuse experience.

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