How to stop talking to yourself

Does anyone know of a way to stop talking to yourself?

Hi well talking to us helps. Is it rambling, or are you making sense without yourself? My dad see, he mumbles and when I get psycho agitated because of I need to put in my ear plugs. I think it is his way, of staying of track maybe? Reinforcing your own confidence maybe? I mean, you have to tell yourself things, because like a great man once said we are not in control of all of our thoughts. Maybe it is you just dealing, or perhaps communicating to whatever nature has going on inside there. I do it, but not out loud to myself in public. My reason is, to hear the timbre of my own voice sometimes, because you know our ears are positioned in a way that we don’t hear our own voice the way an outside person hears it. Once I hear my own voice I’m like gosh, that is neat frequency, or jeez I didn’t know I sounded like that.

Take deep breaths and think to yourself self, quiet, calmly instead creating it out loud. In the bible it said, be a man a of few words, don’t be rash, a fool is know by the multitude of his words. Ecclesiastes

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That is a hard one for me… I do talk to myself. I find when I’m alone… I do it more.

When I’m out… I can say I’m talking to the plants. :wink:

But usually I have to just work on it and distract myself… I also do it more when I’m feeling a bit amped up. Maybe it’s connected to an energy spike or manic hit.

Good luck…


Man I used to talk to myself all day long, now I barely do at all more than a “normal person”. Idk what changed. maybe taking my meds??? That might have been around the time I started taking my meds. But i’m guessing you’re already on your meds. and that’s not your issue.

You mean in your head? Or out loud?

No, I just give in and say what’s on my mind right when I go to bed. I often talk to myself for at least an hour every night. I’m going to watch a masters students defense of his thesis on talking to oneself and writing something privately vs talking to others or writing something which is given to someone else. Apparently talking to ones self is therapeutic, he had me proofread his thesis.

I’m talking out loud.

Sucks man. I have other tendencies. Like making weird faces and ■■■■. It’s mainly just the mouth. I feel like it makes me look stupid. I was never any good at smiling if I could just do that all would be well.

If I’m not talking out loud I’m saying really personal stuff in my head, it’s hard to find a day where my head clear of anything, unless I smoke a cig.

Everyone is saying really personal ■■■■ in their head. That is until they get over self consciousness and learn to live in the moment.

I’m the opposite though. I’ll have a nice clear head and then get up to smoke and all my thoughts come back.

Yeah man getting over that ■■■■’s hard like I feel it’ll take me at least another 2 years before I get over self consciousness, I am just super crazy aware all the time.

You’ll get there man. I didn’t really care what was going on in my mind until I thought people were reading it. Then I had to change everything, still a lot of work left to go.

You got a head start man.

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you know i don’t really give a ■■■■ what goes on in my mind. if telepathy turned out to be real. i still wouldn’t give a flying ■■■■ what comes out of my mind, in my head. this is my space, whoever invades it either puts up with it or ■■■■■ right off so far as i’m concerned. but the truth is that nobody can read my mind. they are just p’ersonalities triggered by certain things. so ■■■■ the voices. it’s all ■■■■■■■■ anyway. just persecutory bollocks. crap from start to finish.

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Oh. I’m not talking to myself, I’m talking with my voices. :open_mouth:

I sometimes yell at them to shut up inmy head through telepathy. Sometimes I talk out loud.

I’m just trying to find comfort. I’d rather not dwell on what’s said. I’ve done enough of that. Trying to form a new mind and it’s finally starting to sink in. This websites has helped emmensely and gives me something to think about.

I don’t want to stop talking to myself. I had a supervisor who got really upset when I would talk to myself. I talk to trees, animals, flowers, the moon, whatever suits my fancy and I honestly don’t care what others think.

I’ve talked to myself but I rarely do it anymore. I was determined to not look like a crazy person. Being on track with a routine helps, making sure I’m getting exercise and socializing with people. Keeping myself busy. Looking at myself in the mirror to see if I catch myself, I do this with face and body expressions. The good thing is that your aware of it. Tell yourself you don’t want to talk out loud unless it’s with another person or a pet. Try some brain games, puzzles, playing with cards. Keep yourself busy. Take care of yourself. Make sure you get your therapy from your doc or some kind of group therapy. Write in a journal. You are going to have to work at it but you can do it. Take your meds and make sure there the right ones for you, you might need new meds.

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I talk to myself sometimes in order to vent. I work out what’s goin’ on with me this way. I also journalize sometimes.

Realize everyones listening

Talking to your self is normal with a mic, but when we narrow it down to whats not normal, excessive ramblings like i do for instance lol i try to hold back honestly nature is a cruel judge to what we speak. It feels like when i am watching a tv show with others i try not to say things that may be on others minds coz i get the no duh response soo i just keep it real queit and the exact moment to talk arises i just say it