How do you deal with people reading your intrusive thoughts


I have people reading my intrusive thoughts thinking they are my real thoughts. I have been majorly harassed because of this and threatened. How can this be?


No one can read your thoughts, intrusive or otherwise. It’s just not possible. Are you taking medication?


yes I am taking meds, but the feeling is still there


This isn’t a functional response, but I’ve taken to hiding in my house and muting TV and radio until the voices finally stop with my Piracetam supplementation. I believe the thought broadcasting will stop simultaneously.

A stronger person would just say “get over it” and “what’s the worst that can happen”, but anxiety attacks are a ■■■■■. Thought broadcasting royally ■■■■■ me up.


I’d say don’t listen but I have the same exact thing going on an it’s tough to shake an seems real even though I want to believe it’s not real


I have people on tv getting upset because of these thoughts and wanting to hurt me if I don’t stop thinking this way, but how can you stop thinking intrusive thoughts


Anti-inflammatories help with intrusive thoughts. The less inflamed the brain is the fewer intrusive thoughts happen.

I believe Piracetam will ultimately stop thought broadcasting, however. NMDA upregulation seems to lessen hallucinations.

Please ask a doctor before trying any new supplements / treatments though.


Try focusing on something else. I love cars so I’m always reading about modifications an ■■■■ I can do. When I’m occupied I don’t hear them as much.


I’m no doc but I don’t think your brain gets inflamed while having intrusive thoughts


When I feel pressure in my brain I get angry violent intrusive thoughts. When the pressure is low there are fewer angry thoughts. Just an anecdote.