How to stop cutting


I would really like some advice from people who cut or used to cut themselves. My cutting has gotten out of control lately and it’s moved up to my neck and face. I probably cut 2 or 3 times a day. I feel so ugly and I have no idea what kind of scars i’m in for even if i quit. My job is modelling so I really need to quit soon before I do anything I can’t undo. I’ve already temporarily lost all my work and it’s making it hard to find a new apartment. I am covered in cuts and scabs all on my arms chest and face. Is there any way to stop this and keep these from turning into scars? Please and thank you :slight_smile: . Also hiding sharp things doesn’t work I just find or make new ones.


are you seeing anyone about this?


No I have seen multiple people about this and they either don’t take it seriously or they decide I’m suicidal when I am not. I would really like to handle it myself I just don’t know how. I really don’t trust doctors or at least they have never given me any advice on this subject. :slight_smile: thanks for helping though.


I’m sorry that you’re going through this, self harm is certainly a difficult habit to break. I’ve gone through the same problem as you and have scars on my arms and face too. There are many alternatives to self harming, and one that I’ve done in the past is to squeeze ice cubes. It might work for you, some people find punching a pillow helps, for some it’s just writing out your thoughts.

What made me stop was realizing that I was creating bigger and bigger scars that I couldn’t hide anymore. I thought about how my friends would react, what I would tell my future possible children, how possible employers would react to the scars, as many interviewers will not hire someone with so many scars. Unfortunately that’s how it sometimes is. And if they do hire you, you would have to cover up. Of course I still have the urge to self harm, but if I think about all these factors, it’s easier to prevent myself from doing so.

If you leave scars on your body, I know there are creams out there that make the scars fade over time. I’m not sure of what any of them are called, but I do know that they are quite pricey and take some time to work. But hopefully you didn’t leave scars.

I hope you can get through this! Take care!


Thanks a lot. I have never heard of the ice cube thing. I’m glad you have stopped it’s nice to know it’s possible.


Three things that made me refrain from mutilation:

(I): Realization that I have something to live for and surely set an example for. That being, I’m a parent and I am the example I set for my children. As a model, perhaps you could use the inspiration that young girls everywhere will dream to be you and see to it that they treat themselves as kindly as you would wish they would.

(II): Fear of being hospitalized and losing all freedoms.

(III): Many people telling me that cutting just makes me more ugly than I could have ever been before. I’ve even been removed from past “friend’s” house(s) - not because I had been cutting in their home, but merely just for having scars they never before then realized I had. I already feel like a POS. I didn’t want to hear it from more people that were outside of my own head.

I hope that you can get past it. It’s difficult and I remember cutting as often as you are. Sometimes, I still think about it, but it’s been a year since I’ve acted on it. I’m a fairly weak person… I know that if I can do it… you can too.


Thanks. That is really harsh I can’t imagine why people would treat you so bad over it. I really should set a better example considering my boyfriend has children and I would never want them to see this kind of thing.


It is pretty harsh, but the embarrassment of it got me to quit, so I suppose it worked in a really malevolent sort of way.

If you can acknowledge the idea of being a better example, then I would have to say you’ve already taken the first step to improvement. :blush:


Last time I cut was April of last year. I stopped when I realized I was actually being made to cut myself by the situation. So who or whatever controls the situation and giving me the urge to cut is the one making me cut. I simply chose not to give them this power over me.


Have you heard of the Butterfly project? It might help at any rate.

Lost of support on the net with self harm with the butterfly project. Just a few links involving it.

See if this helps as well.


I used to cut my arm from time to time, and still get urges every now and then. The last time I cut was in June and my husband made me promise never to cut again. That helped me stop, as I didn’t want to hurt him again, also what helped me is something I learned in hospital - use a rubber band around your wrist, and snap it when you get the urge to cut, it is painful but leaves no scars. Sorry to hear you are addicted to cutting so severely, I hope you find relief soon! Its not worth it!


I used to cut, in my case it was purely biochemical in nature, when I got on the right meds, the cutting stopped.

You need to be talking this out with a competent psychiatrist about this or the cutting will land you in an Emergency room, from cutting a vein, or you will end up in the psych ward - yes they can hospitalize you here in the States if you are doing dangerous things to yourself.

It makes me sad to hear that someone is self mutilating themselves. - your body is precious.
Be brave and see someone about this - find someone you can talk to - I know from first hand experience, cutting can get worse, and you will be left disfigured or worse