How to recover from psychosis?

The psychotic phase kept me homebound most of the time, and was in bed for almost 6 months. My health suffered from it. I have become a bit weaker and everyday things cost a lot of energy, like cleaning and working, but also walking. I used to walk everyday, but now it’s hard even once a week. Just exhausted, and have no covid but all the shots.

How can I get back into some sort of normality? what did you do to recover from a severe phase?

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I am bed bound.

I just did 50 push ups today.

Do something physical.

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im the same way i would walk 3 to even 6 miles a day now i can hardly climb a flight of stairs
i got a treadmill im starting to build up my muscles

I have the same issues. 10 years after my break. I’m mostly bed bound. But I am getting better these days. I’m more spontaneous. I listen to music, I dance, I read a little, I use my phone. I also have my new computer that I use. I’m just not productive with it, yet. Hopefully your neg’s wont be as hard on you as they were for me. I was lost, my brain was mush! I mean I was totally out of it. In the beginning of onset, I couldn’t even sit and have dinner without my head falling down. My mom had to remind me to sit straight.

Meds and rest have made it better. Finding the right meds is important.

What are you able to do? Do you take walks? Do you exercise? Do you work, study?


Just installed Google Fit, a step counter for my phone. Want to see how much steps I get each day now.

No I don’t exercise anymore, but loved walking. Wanting to get back into walking again. Have no work or study.

Maybe I should get rid of my beanie for a while, because I use my beanie as an excuse not to take care of my appearance. A good excuse not to brush or style my hair. But lacked the energy to do it. Long hair takes a while to style, but I should do it everyday from now on.

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Then take walks. :wink:

Before my illness I used to both run and walk. I also exercised at the gym. Great times!

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I was hopeless until someone loved me. When love found me, I slowly came out of psychosis.

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