How to make friends?

Have my sister as my best friend but would like to make some other friends to go out with or talk to. Looking for a guy friend someone who would make me laugh and is sensitive and kind. Or even a girl friend is fine. I only go to work during the day and out by myself on my time off. I like to go out with my mom and her friends but would like to be more independent though.

In my life it was not so much that I made friends as much as it was I discovered friends.



Personally, I used to make friends by just jumping into it. What I mean is if someone shows some interest in me, then we start talking, and then we might go somewhere and do something like coffee or a restaurant. The popular term is bonding over shared activities. I’m not as good at making friends as I used to be. People want to be friends with me but I tend to back out.


What I do when I get super desperate is go somewhere where I can awkwardly talk to others and force a conversation as much as I hate it. Eventually you find somebody you have something in common with you can do together and then you’re friends.

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I used to make friends by starting off with going to lunch with a coworker or by working out with someone from the gym, then going from there. That was when I was not MI and had my own home and money to go out on.

I live with my dad now, in a very small house, and I have little money. I have no where to invite friends to and if we are going out somewhere I have no money (SSDI). I have no problem striking up conversations and inviting people over or out but neither of those is an option in my scenario. I have one best friend that I go visit and I have ‘dates’ with my kids where we go to the movies and to eat. That is where my money goes and I love it.

Moral? I haven’t got a lot of friends either and no way to really rectify the situation. My best suggestion is to strike up conversations and when you get a hit, invite them over or out for coffee. Assuming you have a place to invite them to and money for coffee.