How to increase your IQ?

It’s early days @Crystal-Cotton please be patient. People are doing so for you so respect the process and just relax. These questions aren’t going to ever be answered to your satisfaction the way you are looking at things. Don’t let it become disrupting for others here.

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People don’t realize AP’s aren’t the right med for me :confused:

You are on a webboard where people really do need these meds and there’s good reasons why you should be too. It’s early in your progress so please be patient. We have discussed this several times already as a community…you are on the meds for a reason.

I’ve had this illness my whole life and I can tell you,

You’re in for a rough ride if you don’t change your attitude.

Listen to your doctors, healthcare professionals and parents.

You’re unwell and you need help.

I maybe was unwell but I’m not anymore- just keep having intrusive thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are reason enough to be on ap’s.

But abilify literally doesnt get rid of those

I would suggest it’s too early to tell and these are the things you talk to your shrink about. This has been pointed out to you several times already. We are just chasing our tales with this thread.

My shrink doesnt care

Shrinks are very busy people. You have to consider there’s other people with problems too. It’s not just about you.

Abilify helped with my intrusive thoughts.

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Yeah I know but it’s not that.

You want something impossible and that’s gone. Forget the intelligence you had b4 psychosis, you will never get it back, with or without meds.

Keep thriving and make the best out of your meds you’ll find the shortcut.

Well there is nothing to stop you seeking a therapist or someone to talk to. It may be better for you to talk to a professional and deal with some of your issues. Meanwhile I think this thread has devolved well away from it’s original intent. We are covering old ground here several times in just this thread.

I was near to get in medical school b4 psychosis.
Psychosis isn’t reversible, I lost some of my intelligence from psychosis. Yes meds aren’t perfect, maybe in the future they’ll make meds to get back some of the intelligence lost.

I’m only 15 though

Definitely Access Brain

Also can y’all stop banning my threads? :frowning:

Can you follow the requests we made? Keep to one thread

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