How to increase your IQ?

Abilify has made my mind stupid and dull

I want to be a 130+ IQ smart person but instead I’m now only like 110IQ (if not lower)



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Why lie? It doesn’t increase your iq

Just tell everyone your IQ is 145. How are they going know it’s not?

By your speech and behavior?

Stop saying Abilify makes people dumb.

I’m on Abilify and I’m not dumb.

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Now I know why stand-up comedy is such a hard business.

Idk anything about comedy

It made me dumb, maybe not you

You know calculus…

Untreated psychosis is known for cognitive losses that are probably more severe. It may not be the abilify that is doing this and it could be a result of the psychosis itself. Either way early intervention leads to better outcomes.


Calculus; even a person with Down’s syndrome can learn it! It’s not difficult - just portrayed that way

The psychosis was treated though?

Anti psychotics don’t make you stupid. I was on them for 8 months before June and my intelligence was the same as now (off meds).

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It’s not a short process. Without the intervention of the medication your probably looking at bigger losses than just a break from reality is my point.

Can someone explain why I feel so stupid and unable to retain information then

Because it’s in your imagination.

You don’t want to be on meds so you’re imagining things about them.

I’m not imagining things

I know something is causing my cognitive decline


I don’t know of any ways to increase your IQ.

I suggest you stay on APs and try to work through those issues with your pdoc and therapist.

I don’t have a real therapist since my doc didnt want me to get one