How to improve cognition?

Can you please list ways to improve cognition?

My current list is:

  1. Omega 3
  2. Regular fish
  3. Sleep
  4. Fresh air

I would say exercise and engage in social activities. Reading and studying can also help. Coffee works for me too.


Exercise, sarcosine, and practice, practice, practice. Keep pushing yourself, especially into areas that are outside your comfort zone. Things improve, but the changes are incremental and not sudden (we’re talking years). Don’t expect to wake up one morning with a huge increase in cognitive ability and start shouting HALLELUJAH.

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You can do puzzles, crosswords, word searches, math problems to keep cognition on intact.

I’m at an age now where it’s less about cognitive enhancement and more about maintaining my age adjusted Iq at the level it currently is. My cognitive stimulation comes from doing high range,send to, Iq tests. These are tests aimed at those with a ≥120 lq.

Results so far are verbal: 168,159,155,154,153,152,151,148,148,145,143,142,128, numerical 138,130 ,spatial 114 and 130 (non age adjusted)

Usually but not always you have to pay to get your score,but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a fantastic score.