How to help another person out of a dark place?

My brother just called me sounding pretty down and ready to give up. Straight up… I don’t know how to help someone on the edge… any suggestions?


Honestly hospitalization can help. Though If someone is refusing treatment then sometimes you have to wait for things to escalate.

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If he’s an immediate danger to himself, you could call the emergency line and ask what to do. Some places have social workers that come with the police. We’re getting a new help line for mental health crisis soon, because the police aren’t quite trained for that kind of thing.

Maybe you have something similar to:

Mental health support: get help -

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Yea … I tried to help but he doesn’t want to talk to a professional… I guess if it gets bad I will call somebody.

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I think we do… If it gets worse I’m gonna call someone. Thanks again !!! Man Im just starting to come out of my issues a little and now my brother is super depressed :pensive: I guess it never ends … The suffering of people

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Life seems to be getting harder for everyone, with the Covid issue ongoing, and more inflation, and scary events on the world stage. Tell him to hang in there.

Yea… I get caught up thinking I’m the only one struggling but it’s a common thing …to struggle sometimes. I guess that thinking I’m alone is just a consequence of what my "delusions"are… deep don’t I hope we all get better :slightly_smiling_face: it’s hard to feel that when I think I’m abused by everybody :man_facepalming:t5:


Yeah that’s very tough when people are in a dark situation.

I always try to find out if the person has any self-love for themselves to nurture And nourish. I try to find out if the person is feeling any type of guilt or shame or blame with themselves or others. Also I try help them find hope and purpose in their life again.

Sorry that last reply was worded a little weird … I guess he’s calmed down but now I have to do some calming down

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Thanks man…I will keep that in mind the next time I talked to him. He calmed down a little so I’m happy about that.


Can you take him for a dip together in a pool or ocean?

I had a x boyfriend who would take me for a dip when I was down and it usually made me feel better.

Here mostly I don’t get time and space for a dip to feel like myself and enjoy .

Maybe organise something for him to look forward to like a music concert if you can afford it.

Or invite him over for a homemade breakfast you made for him.

Send him happy and encouraging memes .
Or once a day.

Do a care plan for yourself and him if you can.

Write down three positives a day.

Maybe encourage yourselves to jog or walk together every day.

Good you seem to be positive about your brother and he isn’t one of them whom feels hostile to you.

(Everyone hostile vibes at me too)(or majority)disrespectful, hateful vibes, look n talk down at me etc

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I think I will invite him over when I get my new place!!! Cook him some sausage biscuits :yum:

I feel you … I can’t tell who’s on my side half the time :expressionless: it’s so hard dealing with all those emotions…hope you find your way out :pray:t5:

Anyways… thank you for the advice. This community is awesome :sunglasses:

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