How to have a Happy Life: One Person's Philosophy

I found this interesting - and you might too:


yes it puzzles me how someone with such an condition or without
can stay so “damn” srry positive.

yet it could be that something biological. chemical in his mind is different too some of us?

i do believe however, that you only can you life your live.
god could have made us all the same like this inspirational man, yet he/she/they didnt

but offcourse, i will take this video with me, as an alternative mindset.

I think anyone can be happy - check out this video on the science of happiness:

This guy - Tal Ben-Shahar, is a professor at Harvard and has had the most popular class there - its called the Psychology of Happiness (or Positive Psychology). The full class is online in Youtube- I encourage people to check it out. Here is one of the videos:

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It just doesn’t feel right in this situation, sorry, maybe im wrong, but i know im not.

Ill be happy when there is something to be happy about. For now i must stare and learn to keep my mouth shot for elongated periods of time.

We all know what he is really thinking and feeling, and it isn’t happiness at all, not in the least.

Be the change you want to see in this world… A really great quote. He makes some really cool points. :smile: Still watching…

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Happiness does not mean a thing when you are depressed. Antidepressant type medications make me Happy
:smile: But I do see your bigger point SzAdmin.