How to get rid of your delusions

It’s easy when you get the hang of it. You have to test the delusions you have. Ex: a person is reading your thoughts (ask them if they are) and they will say no. You will then remember they said no helping determine what is real and what is fake. Remember Seeing is believeing

Unless the very people involved in the delusion is really tricking you by lying and pretending your nuts.


um yeah, that sounds legit… o.O

Um…yeah, it does. o.O

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There are some that I can snap out of with help. There are a few that just never come true and I have to get over heart break again.

I have one that has sunk so deep into my heart that I will never leave me, I just have to work around it to avoid conflict.

But some I’ve worked on so much that when I start thinking “kidnapper” I know… Oh man, we know where that word leads. Do not paly with that. Put it down."

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Mine are not very loud with the meds. I try not to think about them or they will get louder if I do start thinking about them. I also don’t care what they have to say. If I start to think about them then I try to do something that will get my attention away from them.

I feel embarrassed asking a complete stranger or aquaintence if they were talking bad about me or if i hear there voice. How can you ask them without them wondering and especially when their not close or family. If I am at a restaurant eating lunch with my mom and i think people can read my thoughts I try to ignore them as much as possible. How can you go to the table next store and ask “Why did you say this about me?” More attention would be brought to you.