How to get rid of intrusive thoughts

Is there a med for it?

What’s the difference between intrusive thoughts and thought insertion? Genuine ask

if there was a med for it, would you even take it?

i would :confused:

i think intrusive thoughts come from yourself and thought insertion is thoughts inserted by others…

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That makes sense thank you :slight_smile:

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Distract yourself from those thoughts its the best approach dealing with such. For example if you getting some intrusive thought then distract it by doing some other activity, think of some other thing and thus continuously distract your mind from those.

Have you tried Clozapine? :horse::horse::horse:

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Yes I’m on it :confused:

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I have a broken brain/thought disorder. Like I let the crap out and my dp/dr goes away but then I experience disabling anxiety/paranoia/intrusive thoughts again. It paralyzes me.

I either think of nothing or too much. Not normal anymore. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine just probably make me worse. I live in my head.

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My intrusive thoughts used to be constant, and I fixated on them.

Now they crop up when I let my guard down.

Usually if my thought pattern hits a road block, they cut through and try to disturb me in both senses of the word.

They’re certainly cleverer than I am, but I have learned not to listen to them

My old psychologist said not to worry as all people have them. She was an asshat anyway, so I am not sure I believe her ■■■■■■■■

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1 be on medication 2 don’t spend energy fighting them 3 but invalidate them and then 4 close and move on.
Haven’t eliminated mine but when I’m consistent and on time with meds they occur less / are manageable.

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