How to get out of bed

I have these headaches,lack of energy plus the lack of living…sometimes all I wanna do is just sleep… is this because my body took the habit to be passive for all these years?
another thing is that I am obsessed with my ex… its not really love what I feel but I want him badly…and I am sad to know him with another girl… I know now that I can be happy also, maybe with another guy but this feeling to want to be with him is still hard…ive dreamed about a guy like this since child,yeah :D…but we know all, sometimes we schizophrenics live a lot in our dreams :)…
otherwise, I went out today on a hairdresser…I was so paranoid that I told to the hairdresser that I am shaky. after that, a woman entered in the salon and I felt rubbish… I told myself that I am too crazy…always living in my head…
don’t worry,ill try to seek solutions. my pdoc eventually wants me to switch my ap for on of the few that I didn’t try… but if it gives me a lot of side effects ill remain on zyprexa 5 mg. and maybe,like Minnie said-just be patient and wait for months…cause my illness is not so heavy but I am ill and strange since child…I don’t talk much,i cant think well, I lack some emotions,iam always tired and passive and I am afraid of the people…
take care, I am here for some support and advices :slight_smile:

Zyprexa gave me a lot of lethargy. I wanted to sleep a lot. It could have that effect on you, at least to an extent. I know what you mean about finding it hard to get out of bed. For a while, when I was on Haldol, I was content to lay in bed all the time. If you have responsibilities you need to make yourself get out and function, but if you don’t have responsibilities I don’t think it will hurt to lay in bed for some extra hours. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe you can find a drug that controls your symptoms without making you lethargic. Geodon and Seroquel do that for me.

I sleep like this even without an ap,so probably its little bit more my illness this :/…I am just sad and I am not made for ads…zyprexa even doesn’t open my appetite like it works for most of the people…I eat more than without it but I am not starving for food on it like a lots of people told me…I am sad of this situation of mine(no responsibilities yes) but in fact,i don’t want anymore to change it cause I feel only sadness

Do you take an antidepressant?

One Big Alarm Clock

A quick solution may be is to use 2 or more alarms, with each at 15 mins or 30 mins interval.

We all know that psychotropic drugs can be sedative.

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Is that like tough love for yourself?

sorry I was a mess yesterday. meds help me to get out of bed, they calm my mind a little bit which is cool for the moment :slight_smile: ill have to struggle a lot,i think this is the truth…

You might want to continue working with your Dr to get your meds worked out until they are working to your best advantage. It might take awhile, but it helped me alot.

I used to spend almost my whole day lying on my bed. I was glued to it. I’m up now. I don’t know how or why. Now I sit in my chair.

It’s some kind of struggle with myself. Now I’m to the point when I can feel mt butt getting numb and I know I’ve been sitting too long and sometimes I make myself get up + when I do I can find some things to do for awhile. My reward - I get to go back to my chair. My progress would be faster if I listened to my butt more often. Or the traffic out the window. Music. IDK.

5 mg of Zyprexa is a pretty low dose.

You know that situation when your too in your head try this
Breathe in and breathe out and count one
Breathe in and out and say two.
Keep doing that
And then when thoughts come up just say oh thoughts again and then back to the breath.

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I never did have enough focus to do the counting. But I learned how in a yoga class to easily slow my thought down to an almost stop. I might have stuck with it, but I got this idea to open my eyes and enjoy that while everybody else had theirs closed .

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Rebellious nature

Or self-defeatist.

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