How to get IQ tested?

I’ll see if I can find it. I was wrong. You can’t use online exams. You can take a Stanford Binet administered by a school district or private psychologist. There are other approved exams at:

I don’t live in the US :confused:

They had a psychologist test mine in elementary school

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Mensa doesn’t do testing atm

The online test would you give you an estimate. +/-5 or so.

I got 135 :confused:


Congrats. You are the 1 %

Ill definitely employ you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Employ to do what :joy:

If you want an official IQ test you will need a referral to a psychologist. But you will also need a valid reason. It would have to be important for your treatment, your rights, or for research.

What reason ? :confused:

For example suspected cognitive impairments, brain damage, sometimes suspected ADHD/autism, or needing extra services due to intellectual impairment. Having a high IQ or wondering what your IQ is is generally not a reason for a referral.

Well I suspect that I have brain damage :confused:

Think you smart huh

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99th percentile with ‘brain damage’ is fantastically good.

I took the test almost 2 years ago so its not trustworthy anymore

I know. I forgot when I sent that. can tell you what website you need for your country.

Go see a psychologist that is certified and does it for a living and pay the money/copay. Take test and see results. Pretty straight forward. I wouldn’t trust online tests. Then brag about it here.