How to find energy to exercise?

I used to he quite a bodybuilder not ao long ago, now im a chainsmoker and a couch potatoe. I have some proper dumbells and a bench at home, but it feels such a chore to exercise. I dont get motivated at all. Anyone else?


Did the change in meds cause this?

It could have been. Switched from risperionde to haloperidol. I feel more calm and sensible, but lack motivation a lot. I dont want to pay for a gym membership that costs 50£ as well. Maybe escitalopram was shaking things uo more, but i cant return on it as it caused my episode

The medicine we takes affects our motivation center in the brain. I used to lift everyday and now I can’t seem to get off my bed. I do manage to go for a walk everyday. It just takes a lot of self convincing.

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So what are we supposed to do? Just accept the fact that we wont be in a better shape?

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No. We can work out anyway. It just takes a lot of determination. I find that after a walk I have a little more motivation. Maybe you could try that.

LS! For almost three years I worked out every day. And I am 62. I take Risperdal 4 mg. I have adjustable dumbbells and a Concept2 rower. Admittedly it takes a mental effort.

Maybe combine exercise with something else that gives you pleasure?

Walk in scenic area
Play music whilst exercising
Set yourself a reward for after exercise, like a cup of cappuccino or a good movie or book, or a hot shower or bath with some nice smelling soap etc.


I start by walking on a treadmill while watching tv or a movie. That wakes me up and gives me energy to do some weight training.


Walking is great, it’s a good place to start and many benefits, start with walks and maybe pushups and set yourself up for success. I also used to lift but can’t anymore due to scoliosis. Start small and simple and work up to the big stuff, until then walking is very healthy. Or not do whatever just my opinion.


make some 20 minute workouts. or start with 10 minutes. and work your way back. a few 20 to 30 min workouts that are moderate intensity should work great


I agree. Some is a lot better than none.

When you only need to work out for a short time it’s easier to get into it. It’s a good way to start. Also I would try to find a level that you think you could do every week. There’s no point pushing yourself to do long workouts if you don’t think you will have the motivation to keep it up.

Bottom line it doesen’t have to be all or nothing, but something in between maybe.


I started small and bought a fitness tracker. First goal was walk 10,000 steps a day. Took me a while but I now jog for a up to 5kms and ride a bike 10kms. I wasted a lot of years sitting on the coach and forcing myself to be regular and do it everyday really did help.

So. Set some simple goals and force yourself to do it everyday no matter what. It does get easier for sure.

If you don’t have energy keep trying new meds until you find the ones that give you the most energy.

Can you afford an exercise bike?

They’re great to work out on for the heart.

I purchased one a few months ago because I have mild paranoia when I’m outside.

I love it. I like to do slow rotations on it while watching TV.