How To Explain Gay Reproduction to Children

Once there was a boy and girl who liked each other very much but did not want to touch each other. So when they got older, got as much education as they needed to have, got jobs, and lived with someone they wanted to be with they looked up each other’s family histories online and found out that they had good lineages. So the man went to a clinic and had something taken out of him called sperm and it was put in a part of the woman called her uterus with a needle during a certain time of the month and 9 months later a baby was born. The father visited the Mother often and they both took care of the child with their life partners.

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This is a very specific and uncommon example.

Kids generally don’t need to know specifics in order to understand things. They will readily accept that some kids have two mommies, some kids have two daddies, and some kids have a mommy and a daddy. Once they’re old enough to understand sex, they’re old enough to have in vitro explained scientifically.

And many gay couples chcoose to adopt.


Admittedly I was trying to imagine how that worked rather than being an expert on it. And I must also say that a man and woman who don’t want to touch each other are not necessarily homosexuals.


Usually, people just go to the sperm bank or adopt. There are instances of a gay man and woman having kids together, but they usually prefer to have kids with their own partners through whatever means they choose. Closed adoptions are more common than open ones, though both are great. Sperm donors don’t typically have parental rights.

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