A love child isn't loved

So the parents have sex that they interpret as love. Then the baby breaks it all up and is extremely resented. I am guessing that most of we szs were love children.

A “love child” is a child made out of wedlock, right? No my parents wanted me. First they had two girls, then they were hoping for me.


Tend to agree but IDK I just think some people shouldn’t be parents.

Chordy. How do you do it? Your posts are so distinct.

actually i am from religious parents but they went through the holocaust as children and I was too much for my mom. something went wrong in her pregnancy with me and she couldn’t handle the child I was even though I was extremely well behaved. I was mentally ill and it was much too much for her.

I deeply resented not being loved by her especially since she is such a beautiful person.


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a love child is a child born out of wedlock, usually the result of an affair and to be honest chords? i would love my child no matter if i was married to the father or not…even if i hated the father, it’s not the child’s fault and i would love that child unconditionally regardless. x


I think there is an old stigma attached to the phrase love child… My great-grandfather was a love child so no one wanted to discuss his parentage. They are children created out of love (or passion), outside of marriage or wedlock. In today’s world there are a lot of them :wink:

Judy, everybody has a breaking point. Our family was war damaged. too.

I wasn’t necessarily thinking out of wedlock. I think “love children” happen within a marriage by husband and wife. Or why is sex called “making love”?