How to erase good memories

Does anyone know how I can do that?

I hate that I ever went to Canada. Canada is my favourite place on this Earth but longing on the good memories I’ve made there is making me really sad.

Nothing good ever comes from longing on the good things.

I want to surround myself with bad memories so that I don’t have to experience joy. Good memories only make me sad.


"The world needs more Canada."


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Yes, the world needs more Canada!! Canada is a great place. I think you’re misunderstanding what I was saying.

I love Canada. Canada is my favourite place on this earth.

But now the good memories I made there is making me sad and I must forget them.

Sorry if I offended you.

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Try to live in the current moment. Google a little about mindfulness and see if that doesn’t help you. There’s something about the way the brain works when it’s either stuck in the past or fantasizing about the future that makes it unhealthy for people.

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You deserve to have good memories and thoughts. But if they are distressing to you you may want to try cbt. I hope you feel better @laetitia and you deserve happiness


The past makes you depressed cause you can’t change it.
The future makes you fearful cause its uncertain.
The here and now is your reality.
Make your reality a nice place to be.


@laetitia I think that you are using the wrong terminology.
If you have memories you want to suppress, it means they are bad.
Yes, I believe that for you to go to Canada was a wrong move.
If you have a mental image from your time in Canada, try to replace it with a different mental image.
If you hear voices that tell you you should go to Canada, you should say out loud that “I want to live
in Korea”.

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Learn ACT ACT is for action. And acceptance commitment therapy

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Or any other therapy mindfulness cognitive behavioural therapy

how comes you moved away from Canada if it was such good experience?

I got physically ill.

I don’t live in North Korea. I don’t understand why you would post this and make fun of me.

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Mindfulness would be the way. Feel better @laetitia. I hope the good memories don’t burden you too much.

I’m sorry you are struggling so much. But you shouldn’t try to let go of good memories. You should focus on the fact that your current situation can improve. I used to be very suicidal for many years, but my life actually got better. Hang in there. Don’t give up

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“I don’t want to experience joy.”
Depression is not something to wish for. I can’t take you serious.

I was simply taught to. I have PTSD. I was denied the most fundamental needs. It is rather natural for me to say this. Actually, I want to experience joy- my trauma isn’t letting me.

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It sucks when we have good memories resurface and it makes us sad. I wish we could just remember those nice moments and feel great.

I know what you mean, I want to erase my good memories too, they make me depressed bcz I had them before my sz and I can’t be the same person as before my sz anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

Tell me if you find a way to erase good memories.

I feel that I have 2 persons in me, the better one was before my sz and is impossible to have anymore due to sz. I wish that I can delete it as it makes me feel crazy and depressed.

There is no fun being made. That is a symptom of your SZ. Please be grateful for what you do have and keep striving for things that will make the world a better place. God Bless all of us.