How to forget memories quicker

I wonder how I can forget memories quicker.

I spent 10 years abroad so you can say I was raised in Canada. I now have decided to stay in Korea due to the coronavirus and my mom has been saying that it was “God’s will all along”. I’m studying for my transfer test to a Korean university so I hope I will get in.

I miss my friends in Canada and the hospitable environment I was in. It’s not like I hate Korea or anything- I love my country and I love my family here, and the food is great and mostly affordable. But I miss my friends greatly and I miss seeing them.

I spent so long abroad that living in Korea seems foreign to me, and I have no friends. I keep longing for Canada as if it was my birth country because I’ve lived there for so long. I miss it.

Can you guys tell me how to forget memories quicker? I want to forget that any happiness existed in Canada so that I could ■■■■ it and live my life here.

I don’t think happiness exists. I need to forget my memories because I’m bitter that my life exists.

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I’m only good at forgetting bad memories. Jail, what’s that?

I wish you could move somewhere where you’d be happier.

Make new happy ones. Build a better life for yourself so you dont miss what you had in the old one so much.

I remember when i moved in middle school and was so sad. I had left some of the best friends of my life behind and was having trouble making new friends at my new school. I became depressed and thought about my old home every day. Then I heard the song “shadow of the day” by Lincoln Park and it sparked this sort of aha moment to where i was like focusing on the past isn’t benefiting me it is just making me sad. And I chose to let go and focus on my new home and I started hunting down people who I could be friends with and I was no longer depressed about it.


@Anna @agent101g
Thank you guys for your word of advice. I want to be happier, too.

ECT can erase bad memories, its used for treatment resistant depression. I would try Lithium first though, psychiatrists use it for treatment resistant depression.

Maybe its better for me just to have a current understanding, than trying to piece together some memories that dont make sense. Especially when they make us feel bad.

Just distract yourself. Also, immerse yourself in Korean culture, hide references to Canada, like old photos and such.

Can you visit Canada once covid is over? You could have an extended stay and see all your friends again. That’s what I would do at least :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @laetitia. I think you suffer from intrusive thoughts.
The intrusive thoughts tell you that Canada is a good country.
The truth is, at least as far as I know, that South Korea is a much better country to live in than Canada.
It is quite possible that intrusive thoughts have driven you away from South Korea in the first place.

I think you are looking at your memories in the wrong way. You are saying that you would like to erase good memories of your life in Canada because your current life is not satisfactory.
Good memories are supposed to be cherished and remind us of how good life can be. It is something we can look back on when we have gray or bad days to make us feel better. Knowing that there is hope of having days like that again in the present or in the future.

When I look back on my own life I appreciate all the positive memories I have. I may not be able to relive them in the same way, but maybe the idea of that memory can come to life again by interacting with someone new. A new friend or aquaintance.

If you are happy in the present or keeping yourself occupied your memories will probably quiet down.

You never know something good could happen today or tomorrow or the next day, but you got to be positive to attract the positive. I hope things work out for you.

Erasing good memories won’t make it easier to make new ones.
Cherish the memories you’ve made so far, at least the good ones. Use them to bring a smile on your face when you could use one.

Instead of trying to erase the good times, focus on getting over the bad memories that are making you afraid to trust people in your country. I know you have a lot of bad memories from your earlier times in South Korea, and pehaps it would be wise to try and learn to let go of them and not be afraid to make new, better memories.

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I would, but that’ll just make me sad.

I have intrusive thoughts, but I was abused in Korea so it’s mainly due to my PTSD. Korea is a great country to live. It’s just, I wish my trauma would let me to live here in peace.

I am just afraid of people here. I feel like they are going to attack me like how they did when I was little. I only trust my family. I know it’s my PTSD doing ■■■■ to me. I know that people here are good. But I don’t think it’ll be easy to trust anyone.

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