How to ease into therapy again?

Hey everybody!

I recently made the decision to go back to therapy, which I’m really proud of. However, I have not been in ‘proper’ therapy for years. I went to music therapy, which was nice but didn’t really help me that much; I did see a therapist before that who helped me a lot but I had to stop seeing her due to issues with my insurance. I decided to suck it up recently and reach out to a private practice that takes my insurance. It’s not a practice I would normally go to, but the therapist who was assigned to me seems really promising and we have some things in common!

But how do I stop myself from rushing too much into therapy? I don’t know if this is a side effect from one of my conditions or not, but I find myself wanting to tell her everything about me, everything bad that has happened to me, and what I think is wrong with me. My mind races when I think about everything I want her to know about me to the point that I can’t settle on one thing. I really don’t want to overwhelm her or make her think that I’m a certain type of person when I’m not, but I guess I’m excited about seeing someone who understands some of the things I’ve been through (from what I know about her). Does anyone have any advice?

Do you have any goals for therapy? What do you want to achieve? Maybe start with that?

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She knows that I’ve been depressed for a little while, so we’re going through a treatment plan to address the depression, along with a few other things I struggle with, such as self-esteem and social skills. I’ll try to address this with her when I see her next week. I also came up with the idea of bringing a notebook to our sessions where I can write down what I want to talk to her about, so hopefully that will also help.


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