How to deal with disturbing thoughts and urges

Does this bother anyone else? When I work sometimes I get these thoughts and urges to grab my managers butt. I know that would be terrible if I did it. The thought really bothers me. Sometimes I get the thought and urge too to drive people over. Sometimes when I’m around glass like a glass bottle of coffee I get the thought urge to smash it on the person’s head in the checkout line in front of me. I could list more examples but I think you get the point. It’s like a part of me wants to do this and I have to use some restraint on myself. Anybody can relate or have found ways to improve this situation that would be great to hear from.

I used to have the urge to make out with some of my coworkers sometimes. It would just come and go. I’m not sure what triggered it or how to avoid it.

What you are describing sounds like a form of OCD focusing on intrusive, unwelcome thoughts and urges. Everyone has thoughts like that throughout the day, but when it becomes something that interferes with your life and causes you distress, that’s when it becomes a problem. One thing that can help is reminding yourself everyone has these thoughts, label them as just random thoughts, and then don’t let yourself focus on them.

I when I drive over bridges, I get a really strong impulse to drive over the edge. Especially if someone else is in the car. I also sometimes have random sexual thoughts about people that I am absolutely not attracted to, like siblings and clients. They pop into my head, and I ignore them, so they drift back out. I used to get stuck on them, and think something was wrong with me for having these thoughts. In therapy I learned it is a perfectly normal part of being human. It does not mean you secretly want to act on these thoughts.

Hope this helps some.


Ya I can relate. Intrusive thoughts. Glad you have good impulse control.

That’s interesting and very good to hear! I never realized having sexual thoughts towards people you’re not attracted to was normal. It always made me feel awkward and disgusting when I had them, which wasn’t very common tbh.

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I was so afraid to bring it up to anyone. I was worried I was some kind of monster. But when I told my doctor, he said, “I occasionally have random sexual thoughts about my own children. It doesn’t mean anything. It is just something everyone does.”

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Bang… that still happens to me a lot… I have to just let it go… and let it flow away… just tell myself… it’s the bad wiring in the brain… and not beat myself up for stuff like that.

I used to… I use to really freak out about those sorts of thoughts… that just made them more powerful.

Now I just have to let it wave pass and direct my attention to something else… It’s just a wave in the brain… let it pass and ride out.