How to cure schizophrenia, my testimony

Hi guys, I’m diagnosed with psychosis and OCD and social phobia. I been looking ways to cure my psychosis because it caused much pain to me, Today I’m cured in a 100 percent and I’ll tell you how I did. Well I must say I did the same what John Nash did but with meds. I did 1) Ignore all voices, delusions, coincidences, double senses (Things like messages that only I understand and no one else) dejavus and more. 2) I realized that the only one who could hurt me was myself because my delusions were about people trying to hurt me and kill me but they never did it. 3) I take my meds 4) I learned about schizophrenia and their symptom. Well that’s all but there’s more remember that schizophrenia can make you hear things inside and outside of your head, can make you have fake memories but remember it’s all your head.


My delusions were about the government trying to torture me and the only way they could do so was while I was schizophrenic so no one could believe me. So I’m cured of schizophrenia there’s no more government trying to hurt me, or at least I ignore these stuff and today I’m cool. I forgot to add 5) If something unusual happen to me outside of my head it could be a hallucination. If it’s not, I ask a logical explanation to my family.

It sounds like you have very good control of your symptoms right now,

And that’s great,

But I wouldn’t advertise a schizophrenia cure to a bunch of schizophrenics.

This is working for you, right now,

Its not a cure.


Yeah I’m happy because I have no crisis since two years.


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