How to be positive n hopeful n avoid suicidal thoughts?

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Well I try to count all the good things in my life. If that’s not enough I’ll go walk where nature is most present, touch trees or even hug them (I’m crazy anyway, who cares if they stare?) … I try and remember everyday is different and that depression passes. Sunsets and sunrises are a must.

The mind is a sky and the thoughts are clouds meditation.

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Lithium & lamictal are the only way I’ve found the prevent suicidal thoughts.

If I’m feeling suicidal, then usually I can nap and I don’t feel suicidal when I wake up. But if you can’t fall asleep, then you need to do something to pass the time until you can finally fall asleep. Hot showers help me fall asleep…

Or sometimes I fantasize about the future and doing things I enjoy. I’ve always dreamed of traveling through Europe and Asia so day dreaming about travelling makes me feel less suicidal.

Usually drinking a cup of coffee helps me for the time being