How stable are u on meds

As the name says.

How stable are u on meds.

I reckon it’s cleared 80 percent of my schizophrenia.

A mere 20 percent still remains


Kinda stable?
I’m usually very stable on meds, but stress tends to make my symptoms temporarily worse


Relatively stable but lately I hear voices again.

I’m stable but not much else.

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I don’t hallucinate. I have negative symptoms and “false memories”. I guess I have delusions. I have cognitive symptoms. I can drive, go to school, and study. I can do stuff around the house. I don’t brush my teeth, but I shower. I get depressed once in a while. I don’t have much anxiety. No paranoia. Little stress.

I have had zero positive symptoms for about a year and a half, now. I still struggle with disorganized thoughts and executive function problems, but they’re not as bad as they used to be.

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No positive symptoms right now, just a lot of anxiety and depression. Thanks for the false hope, Lexapro.

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Moderately so. Very few positive symptoms unless I get stressed. Negative symptoms are worse on meds, though, so that’s a big struggle.

Stress is always a big one.

Uhhh I have had only 1 depressive episode in the 8 months I have been on my current meds and it was mild. I still have symptoms of psychosis but I mean I’m not on an antipsychotic so that’s just a given. However overall they are far reduced and it’s more just I’ll have occasional brief periods where it flares up then calms down again. I haven’t heard from the demons at ALL in nearly 3 months now.

Unfortunately my PTSD is not really controlled by my medication. It helps with some of my anxiety and anger issues, but other than that things still set me off, and that is what brings on the worse symptoms of my psychosis. However the mood swings I get from it don’t seem to be as intense now.

All that aside though I’m more functional now than I’ve been in years I can tell you that. Don’t even have to think about showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc nowadays happens so easily and naturally. And I am doing quite well academically and not dealing w the whole fear of failing (or actually failing) I constantly dealt w in college.

I’ve been stable probably over ten years. Same meds, Same dose. It took me a lot of fiddling round to get what works then just stuck to it religiously. I pretty much take meds same time everyday. I think that regularity works well.

I still get breakthroughs but am reluctant to go any higher with the meds. I get a bit paranoid if stressed so keep my stress low. I hallucinate every now and then but it isn’t something I can’t deal with. Works for me!

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I’m very stable on my meds. I don’t hallucinate except for occasionally, voices are slightly there but not consistent, paranoia pops up randomly but not as much, I don’t talk to myself, I’m not delusional, don’t have weird beliefs, sleep varies, some days it’s good some days it bad, maintain my hygiene by keeping my nails cut and showering 3 - 4 days out of the week. Still have memory and cognitive issues but they seem to be getting better.

I’m currently on Invega Sustenna monthly injection - went from 234mg to 156mg and possibly going to go lower with time. Dealing with the side effects of watery sperm and no sexual desire. My personality doesn’t feel the same either. Don’t know how to explain it.

I’m also taking Wellbutrin 100mg for depression as well and take Benadryl 50mg for sleep. The main compound for sleep in Benadryl is Diphendramine. I don’t take it everyday only when my sleep is getting messed up.

I’m functioning pretty good except for my sleep issues and general tiredness from working so much. It’s a low stress job but I work overnights 7 days a week - 6.5 hours everyday. I also manage to go to the gym 2 - 3 days out of the week just to maintain health. I am at a healthy weight but want to lose 10 more lbs.

I still live with my parents and the only thing left would be to find a good woman. I approach women here and there if they are to my liking. That’s as stable as someone can be.

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