How severe is your schizophrenia

How does it effect you.and how do you live day to day.what keeps positive.

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My parents keep me positive.


Very mild. My medication works well.

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Both my positive and negative symptoms are very severe but luckily my positive symptoms are 90% treated with meds. I have mild to moderate cognitive symptoms too, I forget a lot and I am only 30 y.o.

me and you seem to be worst on this forum.

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There is others like us but many post rarely.
I don’t want to start naming them. Mods and others will get mad.

i cant work, or go to school. Meds help some, not enough.

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mine is severe off meds, on meds it is mild

No motivation and paranoia I guess. Moderate functioning.

It’s bad when I wake up in the morning but gets a little better as the day progresses. My clinician says to pay attention to what I am thinking when I fall asleep at night because it might affect how I wake up. I am trying this.

I still hear the occasional voice or have a random delusion pop into my head, a little paranoid sometimes. But I still manage to do dishes and laundry and cook food… that’s about it though. I shower about every other day, not good at brushing my teeth…

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It was severe enough in the beginning to warrant an 8 month stay in the hospital when I was 20.

For about the first two years I had no relief from scary, intense, symptoms.

I basically suffered every minute of every day for that period. It was torture.

Went through hell but I am a 100% better. NOT a 100% recovered but my life now compared to then is like night and day. Doesn’t even compare.

The first two years I was pretty dependent on my parents and the nurses and doctors in the hospitals. Now I pretty much take care of myself and still manage to have fun sometimes and have my little adventures. I have people in my life who are causing me stress and distress. They are impossible to get along with.

But hell, I’m feeling good right now and I ain’t going to let them rent space in my head. The weather is great, the trees are great, and I’m great. So I’m going to eat my dinner then go for a walk.

The Beatles are playing and my life ain’t all doom and gloom. Just some of it, lol.


do you comprehend and understand but cant pronance propley.i have that problem i cant breath properly.

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I have severe positive symptoms, as in intense paranoid delusions.
I become so paranoid that I become a danger towards others.

My negative and cognitive symptoms are severe as well.

But thankfully my meds take care of most of my positive symptoms.


not that bad. I had to give up a lot. I go to community college and work part time. I think I will be able to live independently one day, but I do not think I will ever be able to have a romantic relationship or close friendships with people.

right now it is mostly depression that makes me miserable. medication has helped with my sz a lot.

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Well I do well with symptoms and live a great life but I make some concessions. I live a relatively stress free existence. I don’t work per se and that helps. No stress makes me a good boy. It still profoundly affects my life and I’m not a fan of grading it or anything like it…it’s disabling and affects you at the peak of your life for most. No winners here.

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Mine is improving but you never know the future, or do you.

we are losers in the end.but we try to live as best as possible in the now.

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Hell, I win all the time. It’s just that CNN refuses to cover the story.

When I count victories, I include making people laugh or being nice to people or just plain getting along with people. To clarify, I’m not saying I get points for being nice to people or just do it to get something out of it. I just think that after having this disease for four decades and still being told occasionally that I’m a nice person is, to me, simply amazing.

But I do enjoy holding my own or at least putting up a fight against the occasional punk who wants something for nothing and thinks I’m his/her stepping stone to get what they want. I can’t win 'em all. But I win some.

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Not too bad, actually. I’m very fortunate to have insight into my symptoms. The negatives are pretty bad, though.