How’s everyone?

Hey y’all, how are you this evening?
I’m super happy with my tattoo… but I’m feeling super sad… not to the point of crying… maybe even depressed/just down…

I’m gonna eat dinner soon and I need to clean my tattoo


I’m sick, but I think I’ll be ok. I’m glad you like your tattoo. Sorry you’re down, sometimes we just get down.


Thank you, I love my tattoo… and I’m sorry you’re sick☹️ Hoping you get better soon! What symptoms are you having??

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I have a fever, cough, stuffy nose

I’m good it’s early hours of the morning here in U.K. Don’t feel like eating much since having med change. Just forced myself to have protein shake and banana.

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Yay! That’s great you like your new tattoo.

I’m feeling good though. A little stir crazy from covid isolation though. Which means it’s time to watch a movie!

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hey Human

soz to hear that… i hope you overcome it soon enough :blush:

me, i am falling to pieces. so scared to die. i am not ready to die. thanks for letting me rant. just worried about my health.

Oh no!! Hope you recover quickly❣️

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I feel you… I feel so down I could barely eat half my dinner…
what med change did you do?

7:40 pm, still working. Tired of working late, hoping to be caught up soon.

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From Depixol to Risberidone. Does your meds make you eat less?

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Thank you☺️

Ahh I’m totally going stir crazy too… even though I got out of the house today lol

What movie you gonna watch?

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Ahhh why are you worried about your health?

And thank you, I hope I feel better soon

Good luck to you Mr. Squirrel

Ummm… not really, no… I have to watch what I eat/I’m on a diet

How much do you have to lose? I need to lose 60 pounds.

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Fist bump We’re stir crazy buds lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I’ve been going to the grocery store a lot lately because I’m super close to it and it gets me outside for a little while.

Tonight I’m planning on watching Don’t Look Now. It’s a seventies chiller that I think has Donald Pleasence in it.

I wanna lose 15 pounds.
Good luck to you in losing weight!!

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You to fbhfvbfffgg

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Hahah ohhhhh yeahhhh…

Yeah I go to the grocery store almost everyday😂 It’s nice to get outside and be around people

Oh I’ve never heard of that, hope you enjoy

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