Anybody about?

What’s everyone up to?

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I’m crying and feeling sorry for myself. You?

Why what’s wrong?

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You shouldn’t being doing drugs lol

I know that but I tend to relapse sometimes

Oh I’m sorry. Stay strong.

I think a new mood stabilizer is making me super depressed. Trileptal. I have sza

I’m up! Just got through making some chili.

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I’m sorry. Your pdoc will probably advise you to stop taking. I’d consider calling tomorrow.

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I called the first time. Only a nurse called me saying she would talk to my pdoc.

Oh ok. I hope you get to feeling better.

I’m in the middle of watching seventh son.

See if I’m able to watch it.

I’m also about to put my vegan lasagne in the oven.

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Distract me by telling me a little about yourself?

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I hope you will feel better soon and get the care and help to help you feel better.

Maybe medication change talk to your Dr when you can.

You should not feel unloved.

Can you do some self loving?

Take a nice bath , light a candle, cup of tea,

Have you listened to Louise hay on YouTube?

She pretty much talks about self love.



I called the crisis line. I’m working on a list of 5 items I’ve felt important this week.

I think a med change is coming


5am and wondering if I should take zopiclone…

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I’ve been taking it easy. The doctor gave me med’s for a chest infection, and they are doing me good. It’s a relief not to have to deal with coughing fits.


I take this medication too.

Just when needed now but over ten years ago I was taking it every night for seven years or more.

If you take it 5 am you will sleep day time.

Depends how you are feeling…

Are you feeling well and stable?

Can you wait till 7 pm?

Do you have anything to do during the day?

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I’m glad you are getting help with your infection.

Maybe some vaporub rubbed on your chest can feel soothing too.


Hey all. I’m up still. A friend called and I have been talking to her. No troubles or worries right now.