How ofthen do you leave the home ? And why? (Poll)

  • All days, I have a lot of things to do.
  • All days, but I force myself.
  • Every two or three days.
  • Once a week.
  • One every two weeks more or less.
  • Once a month.

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Last month, I was going to the gym everyday. This month, once a week.
In a few weeks maybe everyday again who knows?

Grocery, friends, docs, food and gym

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Hm, lately I have weight watchers meetings on Tuesday nights, I go weigh in and sit for the half hour/hour meetings. Fridays or Saturday’s I usually go sewing (based on what our teacher has available) for two hours.

Other that I tend to only go out if we’re going out to dinner or I really want something specific at the store…I have to be careful with my dad because he doesn’t really read labels of stuff and you know how people things up then randomly puts them back on any shelves…more than one time he’s picked something up because saw them on the shelf but only to find out it was something else.

Oh and of course I go out whenever I have a doctors or dentist appointment…or I have to take kitty to her vet.

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Hmm … ever since having my Depakote dose raised especially, I’ve been as Active as a sack of potatoes.
I manage to go with either my new Case Worker or Father to my Doctors appointments.
I will go to a few stores with other people but I don’t go places on my own so much anymore.
I really feel over sedated.
No one should have to live this way.

I’m kind of pissed off at my pdoc because she doesn’t seem to care about my poor quality of life.
She feels that as long as I’m not a danger towards my father it’s acceptable to be living my life as a vegetable.
I don’t know anymore maybe she’s right.


"as active as a sack of potatoes " :joy:
I can feel related! @Wave

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I go to the gym everyday. It helps stabilize me and improve my mood more than any medication.

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when ever I run out…!

What do you mean?

foof,cash, shoping, dr visits etc…what do mean? what do you mean, lottery?

I have low vitamin D, so I’m leaving the home everyday.

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I walk to the 7-11 next door about three times a day on my days off. They give me free ice. On workdays I go at least twice a day. But I am always running errands and going to appointments and I try to go to the park a couple of times a week. I do other stuff too. I’'ve been meeting a friend who is also schizophrenic at the college student union every Thursday. We take it easy and sit and sip a coke and talk or go to museums on campus or shoot pool or something.


Drink a coffee with a couple ciggies then go on a walk every morning. Adl’s. groups, AA, dinner and tv with family a couple times a week. I’m trying to push myself, see what potential i really have


I only leave my home once a week to go to a volunteer meeting. Infrequently, I go to a doctors appointment here and there. But, mostly, I stay at home.

About twice a week for shopping and library once a week (usually walk there and go to shops after)

I go out every day to buy things and go on walks.

Well when I still had classes and work I had to leave every day because I had no other choice. When I don’t have obligations like that I tend to leave every other day unless I am not doing well in which case I have stayed in the room for a whole week before.

When it’s not obligation related 80% of the time it’s just going out to get food or other supplies. The other 20% is when I need to go on a walk to clear my head.

Every day because I hate being cooped up. It’s not that I have a lot of things to do…and I don’t have to force myself either. But I go to my parents house every single day which is like 20 minutes drive away.