Poll: How often do you leave the grounds of where you live?

  • Every day
  • Every other day
  • Every few days
  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every month
  • Longer than a month

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I felt like leaving the house today but didn’t in the end. I probably leave the house once a week on average.


Every few days.

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Mainly to appointments, or out to eat with family, I don’t really get out a whole lot. Maybe 2-3 times a week. It can get hard sometimes to force myself out


I’ve been getting out a little more lately. I just drive a couple miles into town and back. to get something from the store usually. and then will ride along with my parents into the city once a week or so.

I don’t go for walks at the park anymore like I used to though. I don’t like being around little kids at the playground, more so their protective parents, because I don’t shave often I feel like they are nervous of me and will keep an eye on me. so I don’t go to the park anymore to walk, I just walk in circles on my property.

I voted every other day.

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I’m trying to go out more to be less sedentary. It’s hard though as my lower back aches after a short while walking.

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I’m out of money,so I fluctuate all over to find something cheaper.

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I have a difficult time keeping the house organised, so i tend to flee to other places. I also have certain obligations - work, kid - that force me to go out, even when i feel like staying in. So daily.


I work 6 nights a week so I have to go out. If I didnt Id probably only leave every few days

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I used to go out a couple or few times a week when I lived with my x boyfriend but since I moved I go out of the house every day.

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If I didn’t work Monday thru Friday, it would be less. I often don’t leave my house/yard on the weekend.
I’ll have two months off this summer and probably won’t venture out more than once or twice per week.

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I went out today for a short walk. It wasn’t easy as I was walking slightly uphill. On top of that I’m finding my lower back aches after a short time.

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Mine is every day several times a day when the kids are here. When they aren’t it’s at least 5 days of 7.

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I spend more than half my waking hours outside. It is boring at home and I no longer have the attention span to read and surf the net all day.

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I get out every day. I go get something to eat or go shop for groceries every day and I work Monday through Friday.


I go out everyday. I have a husband and two kids, so it isn’t just me to take care of.


Every other day I walk to shops or drive with hubby. And once a week I go to library


I go to work everyday except weekends, not often I go out on the weekend. If I was rich I would never go out

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Every day. I walk pretty much every day

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Used to be every day. But now im sober i stay indoors. Went out 13 days ago, apart from the corner shop yards away to get milk and bread.

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Once a week to therapy and maybe the grocery store. Other than that it’s like pulling teeth to get me to leave the house. Every time I have to leave I have anxiety. I don’t like people talking to me and my husband always runs into someone he knows, and even if he doesn’t he makes a new friend. He somehow always finds a way to call attention to us, I hate it.

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