How often you can drink energy drinks?

Is it healthy? How long do they work?

I’m like a addict to them,

I’ve drink them on the daily for four or five years or so, I drink about two a day.

In the past at times like 3 or 4 a day.

For me I have a heart and lungs of steel,
But I wouldn’t consider them healthy.

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Never these days. Been ordered not to by my cardiologist. They’re not good for your heart and I don’t have a good one to start with. You can also get a boost from improved diet and exercise, so try that first.


I don’t drink them.


I will try mod gaming supplement

This one. But i dont know if i should take it daily to take effect

What do you drink to boost energy of you?

Some of the key ingredients in MOD include L-Theanine, Caffeine, Alpha GPC, and herbal extracts found in other cognitive supplements.


No Tolerance Buildup: Unlike caffeine, coffee, energy drinks, or tea, you won’t get accustomed to MOD. None of the ingredients lead to tolerance buildup.

Hello? You just said it has caffeine in it as a key ingredient. That means you get jitters and will acclimatize to it. This is from the linked article…

Although L-theanine isn’t backed by overwhelming scientific evidence, it is popular within the nootropics community for its ability to induce a relaxed state of mind without unwanted drowsiness.

That’s a big old red flag right there.

The main problem with theacrine is that studies have been rare.

Yeah, it has theacrine, but if that worked as well as caffeine did on its own they wouldn’t be boosting it with caffeine as well. The caffeine is providing a good part of the boost and also amplifying the other ingredients. The fact that they’re still using caffeine after touting how theacrine is better is another red flag for me.

Finally, I see no links to actual studies.

I’d steer clear of it. The sarcosine sold through this site works. It’s backed by research. The price is reasonable. It doesn’t even taste bad.


I suppose I drink 2 cups of coffee a day but that’s all and I don’t think it boosts my energy really.

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The energy drinks are prone to altering blood sugar levels and a recent study says that it leads to increase in class A drug uptake chances, when you are young.

I must add that when I had vodka and red bull quite a few years ago on a Friday night it was remarkably similar in high to cocaine.

I can’t imagine these cerebral highs induced by the caffeine can be good for you in the long run.

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I’ve had less than 1 energy drink in my life I never want to get addicted to that


never. I don’t like em. I prefer coffee


I drink them everyday. I usually drink two. They don’t really give me energy

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thanks for review, but i still want to try it, sarcosine is also not scientificaly proven to work its just bussness i think, i dont know…can you buy sarcosine in Amazon, couse i am not sure if i will recieve it from that website

is this the same |??

like never?


Lol… I remember this actor but not sure from which movie?

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I drink sugar free rip it from the dollar tree. I drink one a day in the morning. The caffeine helps me feel more alive and it helps overcome the sedation I have from the zyprexa I take,

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BTW, caffeine has been proven to provide a cognitive and energy boost in countless studies and is damned tough to overdose on. It’s also dirt cheap if you don’t buy it from dodgy supplement companies with a bunch of crap added to it.

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I’ve had the occasional energy drink.Less than 10 though.

today i drink monster energy mega

i droped smoking dont know what to do

I use to drink energy drinks and a lot of coffee when I was going to ITT tech for engineering and then when I worked third shift. I drink coffee now and rarely drink energy drinks.

I hate the crash after energy drink and when I would drink energy they got me through classes but by time I was riding the city bus home I was falling asleep

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