How often does everyone go to therapy?

I go to therapy about once per month. My therapist wants me to come in once per week because I’m in a kind of manic state. I’m thinking that’s too much but I don’t know… What do you think is too much?

I go once a week. My therapist went to Florida for two weeks for a conference and I’m a mess. I don’t know how you juggle everything with only one visit a month. For me its gotta be somebody I trust though otherwise it just makes it worse.

I understand it has to be someone you trust because I have had some not so good therapists and I was so happy when they left. I guess this once a week thing may not be that bad. I just hope I don’t run out of things to stay, lol.

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When I first started, I used to go twice a week. Then after a year I’d go once a week. Eventually I just did group and then stopped altogether, because my therapist left town.

After a long hiatus, I started doing two hour sessions every two weeks. I eventually quit that and got another therapist. Now it’s every six weeks.


This Is my therapy

Talking to you

Sometimes it’s once a month… if I’m having a harder time, it can go up to two visits a month.

I got to pick script once a month

I go in once a week and it honestly is not enough. I think twice would be ideal for me, at least. And a lot of times there are scheduling conflicts where I can’t go in and 2 or more weeks will go by where I don’t see her and SO MUCH can happen in two weeks.

If I only went in once a month I think I’d go crazy. Just the idea of knowing there is someone I’m seeing for my disorders is enough to give me hope to keep going. I wish it was more frequent though…

You do seem chock full of things.

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Haha I like that. I am chock full of things.

I’m therapyzing right now

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Lol yeah I’m Chalk full to

I did around 14 1 hr sessions of CBT and Schema Therapy each about 1 hr a week. and before that I did a 8 week mindfulness meditation course, so If we include the assessment first I’ve done about 23 weeks of therapy on the NHS.

I think I might benefit from a top up CBT course, just to keep on top of things.

Therapist did see me every couple of weeks when I was new, then monthly. Honestly, it was no help with any coping skills, then deteriorated even more with 3 of them. It was useless in a crisis, she threw me out and told me to make another appointment, refused me any assistance with dealing with it except calling me names…

The social worker therapists here are not useful. There is too much smoke and mirrors, lying and no coping skills AT ALL. Things deteriorate down to threats easily with some of the care here. It was easier ‘get out of jail’ for a while than psych meds until I got pdoc to give me sleep help…I pissed off the cops here fighting with former friend who has no good intentions towards anyone so needed psych care or therapist to bail out of the mental hospital if I had any problems with pissed off cops who put victim in mental hospital at own expense for being a nuisance. Witch put her family sex abuser and former victims on me bad, cops here do nothing including refuse to help with restraining order after an abuser brags to cops about hurting the others. These can call their mental care provider and bail out of mental hospital in a weekend instead of month+, even acting right. Is good to know how to bail out of mental hospital…Other approach is talk pdoc’s & nurses heads off in hospital about ANYTHING and they release you in a week.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, what to think when you are having problems and repeat it in your head, is helpful for schizo. But most health insurance and US govt health programs will not pay for it. It is usually established policy for US psychologists to refuse to assist psychotic people with this kind of therapy, even if the psychosis never responded to meds. Someone on this board actually withheld her schizo diagnosis and paid cash to see the psychologist for this kind of care. Psychologist threw her out after 3 visits when she disclosed her previous psychosis state and psychologist refused to see her again.

I have been going every week, I think that its starting to get to me, to be honest with you - but when I go every 2 weeks, it’s seems not to be enough

Once a week, I like it good enough.

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I go twice a week. I have for seven years.

I go once a month.

I don’t know what’s more stressful getting there or not getting there.

Every 6 weeks.
(I used to see a psychoanalyst 4 times a week. I kept that up for 7 years.)