How often do you go to blood and urine test

I go once a year. Just went in this week and all blood and urine test results were good. I am glad. :smile:

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Good for you! I get tested every two months.

I went from never getting them to every 3 months. Just bloods. Mine showed abilify may be raising my blood sugar, so will confirm on the next test.

I get pathology done every two to three months, because of my arms [heavily tattooed] it takes a while to fill the vials up :smiley:

I had couple of blood tests few years ago only to check

if Iโ€™m pre-diabetic as my Father has type-2 diabetes.

He is a Doctor - Eye Specialist and he doesnโ€™t believe in

health supplements and on the other hand I never have any

money to buy all the health supplements.

These tests were done when my father had to get his

blood checked. In other words

I never get my blood or urine checked.

Are you on anti-psychotic medication? If you are Iโ€™d recommend a blood test ASAP - The content can cause damage to the heart, liver and trigger multiple other issues

I just have blood tests - no urine - once a year with my GP.