How much weight did you lose from Wellbutrin?

I’m going to start Wellbutrin tomorrow for negative symptoms and I wanna know how much weight if any people lost by taking it.

I think I lost about 10 lbs. Are you taking generic or brand? There is a big difference if you are taking one tablet a day, the XL version…

I dunno which brand should I get. I was thinking about getting the XL version so I only have to take one pill. How long have you been on it to lose ten lbs?

I took a form of generic, and it would only work for a couple of weeks and then I had to up the dose. After about 6 weeks it did not do anything so I quit taking it. Then I found a place that I could get brand name brand for $50 a month and it was really strong. I asked the costco pharmacy how much brand name was for a month and it was $1500 a month, crazy huh? If you want to try brand you can have your doc fill out a form from direct success pharmacy. You should google brand vs generic wellbutrin xl and there is a lot of stuff to read. Good luck.

Here is where I got brand for $50 a month

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Sorry forgot to answer your question. I lost about 10 lbs in about 6-8 weeks.

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Can I request only a certain generic?

I think it depends on your pharmacy, but I think most will be able to order a specific generic.

I didn’t lose any. I don’t notice much effect from this drug. I recently had them double my dose to 200 X 2, and it made me a little spooky for a while, but then it went away.

I call it hellbutrin because it makes me irritable. It is motivating though. I take 75mg Instant release in the morning. Days I don’t want to do anything I don’t take it. I notice the difference, it really does make me an irrateted witch though! I try to pee it out of me before bed time.

I gained so much weight on it.

I lost 22 pounds on 150mg XR. Probably because it killed my appetite. I had to stop it though because my blood pressure went through the roof. Shame, good med.