How much times do you feed your pets?

To pet owners: I’m trying to set up a regimen for my dogs. How many times do you feed your pets?

  • once
  • twice
  • three times
  • four times

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We feed our dogs twice by diving the food into two portions.
Also how do I deal with a dog who won’t eat his food? He is on a special diet because of bladder stones and he won’t eat his food sometimes.

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I give my cat an overflowing bowl of food everyday and I fill it up whenever it looks like its getting low. And that’s every three or four days or so.

I’ve always fed my dogs two times - twice.
AM and PM

I fill my dog’s bowl and he eats when he wants. Same with the cats.

Oh, to get him to eat his food when he wont I mix an egg in. He loves that.


My aunt had some salmon flavour spray she would put on her dog’s food when she wouldn’t eat, dog loved that stuff.

I always have dry food in my cat’s dish and then I feed them some soft food as a treat in the afternoon just cause I love 'em! :heart:

I feed her twice a day. She’s a dog. But when she was a puppy and growing I fed her three times a day.

Most vets I have talked to said it is normal to feed your dog twice a day and thats what they recommended once they are not puppies anymore. Feeding them 3 times a day is OK, but use smaller portions.

As for getting a picky dog to eat, is there any treats that are ok for him to have you could mix in with his food? That’s helped me in the past. But overall if it’s just sometimes he isn’t eating I wouldn’t worry too much, a skipped meal here or there isn’t going to do harm. Sometimes our dog skips meals and she is perfectly healthy.

Two times it is. For Cocoa (he’s a medium-sized Jack Russell) I’ll feed him twice or once because he doesn’t really like to eat twice.

We leave a bowl of dry food out for kitty and she gets wet food in the morning. She gets a few soft treats in the evening. She thinks we’re starving her whenever she can see the bottom of the dry food dish. Her weight is excellent for her age, she seems to just eat enough. Wish she’d give me pointers on that.

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Sometimes I make a bit of scrambled egg for the dog. It’s actually good for them apparently. Especially if they have an upset stomach.

My old cats would cheat you to get an extra meal. I’d feed them when I got up but if mum got up later when I’d left they’d act like they hadn’t eaten…

Only gave my cats wet food late in their lives. For a cat teeth are necessary and just found it better to avoid wet food early. My cats were well fed and happy as Larry.

Two times a day for cats is good. A bit of grazing food helps too.

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