How much time it took for you to your meds to work?(poll)

I just ask myself this… maybe I am sick since too long cause I still suffer.
thanks in advance for your answers :wink:

  • 2,3 months
  • 5,6 to an year months
  • one year
  • year and a half
  • 2 years or more

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2 years my Jesus delusion went away

1-3 months the meds really “kicked in”

A couple days for me, I cant tolerate being psychotic its torture for me. My meds kicked in in about a day for me.

about 3 months to gid rid of most of the hallucinations and intrusive thoughts.

One week on Zyprexa. I felt like myself. But I had side effects. On Abilify 2 months to start working. But it is only 80% effective. I still hear voices. Have mild delusions from time to time. And paranoia.

for me 6 months on Zyprexa and the paranoia is still here. I have a lot other issues but paranoia is tough, I cant socialize because of it anymore. maybe I am ill since too long because it doesn’t goes away?