How much milk do you drink

I drink at least one liter a day. Vitamin D has been added to my milk which is good especially in the winter.


dairy used to make me breakout in acne when i was in my 20’s so i avoided it all together for 6 years. sometimes i drink chocolate milk but now that im older it doesn’t always result in a pimple anymore. i also eat cheese. and yogurt. i only drink chocolate milk though, i don’t like regular milk. so maybe 16oz 2 or 3 times a week.

I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t eat dairy products. I use soy milk on my cereal when I have some. Maybe one bowl a day.

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I’m also lactose intolerant.
I use lactose free milk.

I mainly add some to my coffee.

I don’t use a lot.

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I don’t drink any. Can’t stand any except chocolate once in a great while.

I don’t drink milk. But for cooking, I use either coconut milk or almond milk

Lots like a litre a day

I drink 3 - 4 gallons of 1% fat milk every week. This last week they were out of 1%, so I had to settle for 2%

I only have milk in cereal and tea or coffee
I do drink milk in hot chocolate
I cannot stand a glass of milk on its own

If I have nothing else in the house and don’t fancy water, I’ll have a glass of semi skimmed

I like that they have added vitamin D in milk. I drink fat free and vitamin D is good for countering depression. Our long winters often may cause depression. Earlier I took vitamin D pills, but now I get enough vitamin D from milk.

I take vitamin d3 4000 iu

None. I drink soya milk :slightly_smiling_face:

I drink unsweetened almond milk or oatmilk because of keto… I used to have milk with cereal but have not in a few months.

I use powder whole milk with my Nescafe everyday. I like it thick and creamy.

I don’t drink any because I’m highly allergic to dairy, but I’ll occasionally use almond or coconut milk. Stuff used to be very hard to find just 10 plus years ago.

I drink 2 litres a day. Half the time I have no money for milk

I drink two glasses at evening meals throughout the week.

I drink 200mL of skim milk with 2x 30 gram scoops of whey protein after my 1-hour cardiovascular exercise on the treadmill and weight lifting workout. I try to drink milk daily.

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