How much longer do you plan to be on meds for?

I’m told by my doctor i can start reducing my meds after i’ve been on them 2 years, i have had a few episodes now reason being just stopping my medication cold turkey, trying to get by without it. I dont like the meds. How long do you plan to be on them until you start reducing yours.

at least until my kids leave home so about another 5 years i guess. then i’ll experiment and see what i’m like without them i s’pose.

Until something better comes along that lets me function as well as I am now without them. Been saying that since 1994, by the way.


I’ll probably be on med’s for the rest of my life. Experience has taught me I can’t live without them. When I get off the med’s I can go into a sort of euphoric mania which can be pleasant, but then I start hallucinating, and I start to do crazy things.

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Yeah I’ve been on them four years since my first episode and I’ve had no psychosis since that first one. I tried coming off but it was a disaster because I ended up a little manic so I had to go back on them before I got psychotic. I’m schizoaffective btw.

Forever …

Guess I´m a beginner when it comes to medication. Just started about one year ago. I already asked my docs when things will allow me to reduce or stop taking medicine. Actually it looks as if it will take a few years.

Not before my doc tells me it’s safe without them even if it means more 20 years. But I certainly long for that day when I stop and remain logical without them. I have been doing quit well reducing the dosage that 8 even cut seroquel after being on 1200mg one day last year. Still on invega now but hey I’m doing well.

I doubt I’ll ever get off my meds. The current ones are helping, and I know what will happen if I go off them. It doesn’t really bother me though, as long as it’s helping me.

If I count supplements. Forever

Until I die. Had a scare a couple months ago when I ran out and didn’t take them for 5 days. Having that old psychotic feeling only re-enforces my resolve to keep taking them unless there is something that comes along that is PROVEN to work better.