What is Your Height and Weight?

I’m 5’10, 175lbs…

Only post your stats if you feel comfortable.

I’m just curious.

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6’, 160lbs. I’ve always been skinny, except on abilify I went up to like 190.



162 pounds

All brain mass though



I’m 184 cm and 125kg in weight

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5 8 225 lbs. I wish it wasn’t that high in weight, but I’m fat.

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5"11 170 pounds. Was 135 before my meds

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5 feet 10, 180 pounds. I gain 20 pounds after taking Abilify & Remeron for a year.

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Magnificent and awesome. So there.


140 lbs 6"
They call me Jack skeleton or slender man
They say I remind them of those characters lol


5 7 tall 195 weight

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I guess we’ve all gained about 20lbs (or more) on our meds. I was kinda skinny to begin with, so the extra pounds weren’t so bad.

Just gotta get rid of my gut. I used to have a six pack, but now sadly, I only have a two pack.


118 pounds, 4’ 11 1/2" and shrinking.


Teh heh heh…

I like how you added “the half inch”! But wow! I didn’t know you were so tiny! I thought @Minnii was the runt of the litter on this forum.

(I mean that in a good way) :wink:


5’7 162lb

Athletic physique

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5-11,5 238 lbs. The attempt to lose weight last year failed miserably.

6’1". 210 pounds

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5’10 230 lbs. Seven years ago before I got on meds I was 140 lbs

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About even, more or less. Sometimes I’m wrong.

Man, I’m tired as heck. It’s 11:00 p.m, I need to get some sleep.

5’ 9" 230lbs Needless to say, I’m overweight. I did do some exercise (walking) and got my weight down for a while, but my knee has stiffened up, and I can’t really walk on it for a prolonged period of time.