How much do you get ssdi/ssi?

I get 1096 I think that’s probably pretty livable

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That’s about what I get. We get other income too. It’s not bad, but I want to work too.

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if I make some money freelancing, can I still get disability benefits or is it exclusively for people who don’t work at all? Does anybody know? My social worker told me it’s up 900$ here in Montreal.

889 and some change. How did you get 1k? Is it SSDI?

I guess workinf making 10 dollars an hour for seven years thats how much it ends up paying out and yeah it’s ssdi

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I have to pay $700 in rent and food per month, so I live on less than $200 for cigs and entertainment.

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I dunno about Canada but in america you can only work under 789 dollars a month, and working at all will likely disqualify you

Wow and cell phone. Why is your rent so high?

The bills are high and my mom decided to charge that amount. If I didn’t have to pay rent, then life would be good. I want to work eventually. I just need to get over my anxiety. I would have more money if I worked and collected ssi.

It is up to $1090 a month here that you can make on the side.

But then they reduce your SSI by about 500, right? Still good.

I get $983 a month. From what I am aware of, I can make under $1090 on the side from part time work, without any problems.

you mean even if I make some money? Honestly if I can get money and make a little money working from home, I wouldn’t search for a full time job. I would study full time and work on my fitness and adopt a dog. But if the government thinks I shouldn’t make any money at all to get the disability pension, then I prefer to work full time because I like to spend and enjoy my life.

you can still work on ssd, just don’t go over your allotted amount.

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I’m gonna look into this asap.

I know, I want more money and more of a life. What can we do?

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Look into it. I’m in Minnesota and so far I can work part time and still get my disability each month.

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SSDI might be different, but if you work they reduce your money, that is if you report it. I read the documentation on their site.

Ssdi they don’t reduce your money but if you make over 789 a month they put you on a trial basis to say you can work again it’s called substantial gainful activity if I remember it correctly

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I have been working since May, making $1040 a month and have not had any issues with my benefits yet.

I read that over $1090 a month is considered making over…