How much do you cherish your medicine?


I ain’t gonna lie when I was first becoming acquainted with my medicine I didn’t hold much value in it at all. I was oblivious as to why my hospital visits were recurring.

I witnessed a lot of sz are at an intermediate state where they kind of respect their meds but think they don’t need it. Or think they can function without it.

Then you have a state that the patient is experiencing symptoms albeit still getting by. But miserable.

It starts with stabilizing the family. When my mom started becoming mentally ill years ago we treated her horrible. We abused her physically and did not know she was psychotic. We did not know how to treat her. All dad knew was work and I wasn’t doing well in school.

Fast forward the clock. I went thru what my mom did stubborn about it. Now father finally gained some perspective on how to go about composing a mentally family.

It starts with the education. Meth addicts like I once was we didn’t know our addiction would do so much damage until it was too late, death or prison bars.

I wish I knew what mental illness was. Before it affected me. No one taught me ■■■■ as I expected someone to. It’s like a hard self taught lesson unless you were lucky enough to have someone show you the path.



I don’t and didn’t take medications for my sz but, I have anti-psychotic pills almost everywhere, in my bag, in my room, in my mom’s bag, the bathroom…etc , just in case something bad happened. And, I don’t think that sz is a mental illness, scientists still don’t know what is it.



I have to say I learned the most about my mental illness during the times I left the medicines off for extended periods of time. I’ve learned that I need them and I know why I take them.



I have learned I need my meds.



i don’t think i need meds at all. icould b totally wrong but i think that all my “symptoms” were hypnotically induced through torture. i think i would b totally fine without meds these days as i have more experience. the only reason i’m taking them is to eliminate the possibility of a mental illness. like i say i could b completely wrong but after the things i’ve seen i know i’m not.

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The MOMENT I got my meds changed about two and a half years ago was the moment I stepped out of my wax build up and negative symptom and all this began to happen.

If I didn’t have the meds I do, I KNOW I would be in bed 20 hours a day, 4 hours mopping floors for a bit of coin. My sis waiting on me like a servant and my life would be day in day out of drooling and watching the walls go from light to dark as the sun rose and set. That would be it.

I am more then grateful for my meds.

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I won’t deny that I hate taking medication. However, I know with absolute certainty that if I don’t take my medication then I will end up in the hospital again. It has happened many times in the past.

Sometimes I slip a little, I forget a dose every now and then, but the thought of going without my medication terrifies me. There is no more debate for me about convenience or side-effects, I must take them, and I will.

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