How much do group homes cost in USA will SSI cover all of it

I might be moving in one soon I get Medicaid and Medicare and 791 a month for disablity this might sound stupid but does that cover it all would I even get an allowance

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I got more money when I was in a room and board, which is a step down from a group home. I think I was left with like $40 dollars a month. The quality and quantity of the places were horrible. Mine was infested with bed bugs and the food had bugs like ants in them. Other than that, it was like a palace…

Depends. Cost can vary on the group home.

Welcome back!!!

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Did u at least get smokes

I didn’t smoke while I was there. I lived a modest lifestyle. No eating out, nothing. I did buy soda and stuff, but that’s about it. Cigarettes are $8-9 dollars a pack where I live. It’s a sad, lonely life. Luckily, I moved out and moved back in with my family. Maybe in the future when they’re gone, I’ll have to do something like that again-- you know, fend for myself. I guess it’s survival of the fittest, and I’m losing the battle here lol.

The good thing was three home cooked meals a day and transportation to doctors appointments and some entertainment. Big downside was the mess, sharing a room, sharing a bathroom, the dirt and filth, and finally no women. Just a bunch of disabled men. No privacy at all.

@Mason_Forest, All of your SSI money will go to the group home. That’s the way it was for my son in the state of NE anyway. In order to have spending money, he had to work a part time job. And he was only allowed to make and keep $50 a week from the job and he worked 20 hours a week. And no, your SSI money is not enough to cover the costs of the group home. But, they allow you to stay there anyway. Your expenses are covered by the state.

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Holy crap sounds like hell

I knew a guy that lived in one. He had about $50 left after his disability checked paid for the home

Oh wow my mom is trying to get full gardianshipy of me so that might be a good thing if there has to be money coming elsewhere and I’m disabled but not that badly just lack transportation so I can get a part time job and housing denied me cause of felony woops NVM u said I could stay there anyways wow I’m screwed

@Mason_Forest, You and/or your mom doesn’t have to pay for the group home. If just you yourself are poor enough, the state pays all the expenses of the group home. But, they take your SSI check.

Wow the least they could do is drive me to work lol

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