Does Medicaid pay for

Group homes? How do people afford them?


I’m not sure. when I did direct care, and about 5 rented out a house, they had to pay rent.
others are probably are state funded.
some are built well,
others not.
Section 8 for single dwelling.

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The state pays I think in Illinois.

Idk where they get the money. Federal funds maybe or state income tax $$$…. Idk

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I’m very curious, because my understanding is that it’s like $10,000 per month for that level of care. But most disabled people have nothing.

When I was in a group home for about 6 months I’m pretty sure the government paid the home for my stay. Some people who got disability or whatever though had their payments garnished and only got so much if I remember correctly. But I had no income at the time and my stay was payed for by the government. I’m not sure if it was state or federal though. Probably state.

I don’t think it has anything to do with medicaid though. I did not have medicaid at the time.

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Oh ok. That makes sense. Thanks for explaining it to me @Bowens

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I lived in a group home through a catholic agency after a stint of homelessness in my early 20s. As a condition of living there I had to pay monthly ‘rent’, but all the money was returned to me when I moved out. I’m sure the group home was funded by donations, the government and the church.


Oh interesting. I’ve never heard of a church doing that. I’m glad you found them (or they found you whichever it is).

I was in their youth shelter, and once I found a job they said I could live in the group home. It was hard living in a shelter and working at the same time, and as soon as I got into the group home I lost my job. Then they said I had two weeks to find a new job or go back to the shelter. The next day I walked into an employment agency office and through a stroke of luck the receptionist said do you want a job, and gave me a job.


Wow. Well that was lucky! Good for you :slight_smile:

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My grandpa died in 2016 in the highest level care they had at the nursing home. He paid slightly over $7,000 per month when he died. And this was an expensive nursing home.

State housing for the disabled is supposed to be the absolute pitts tho. You would never let a loved one live there.

The lady who lived in my house before me required 65 hours a week special nursing care and the state paid the bill because it was cheaper than housing her with her problems. (She had a stroke and paralysis on one side of her body ).

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I think the cost depends on where you live. But I’m glad to hear the state helps

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